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Work Hard, Play Hard – It is a Myth
by On January 20, 2009

This article was found on the Organize IT Blog

Working hard and playing hard is a very popular saying nowadays. Actually to many people it’s more than a saying, it’s a way of life.

Because we spend so much time working it’s only natural that we should find an equally demanding form of release that we can fit into the little time we have left for ourselves. What better way to play hard than to go out on a weekend, down copious amounts of alcohol, and eventually stagger home at 6AM?

The problem with working hard is it’s a surefire way to burn out and the problem with playing hard is… it’s also a surefire way to burn out. You see the problem?

Businesses don’t exactly help the situation. They continue to force more stupid work hours, leaving us with less free time to fit in all the stress-releasing fun we need as a result. In fact, in the near future (if it’s not happening already) companies will probably have offices on one floor and bars and clubs on another so their employees will never need to leave the building on a weekend. I’m waiting for the time when companies start asking why work and play need to be separate things (because work is so much fun, right?). If you find yourself dancing away with a Smirnoff Ice in your hand while simultaneously analyzing the latest sales figures with your team you’ll know things have gone too far.

The whole work hard, play hard mantra unfortunately shows no sign of stopping even though it’s quite frankly a marketing con.

How hard must you really be working if you still have the time and energy to go partying afterwards? And how heavily must you be playing if you are still able to do a demanding day at work without much sleep and probably an hangover?

But what can we do? Well why would you even want to work hard for the sake of it? Try working smart and playing smart instead. Rather than spending all your time knee-deep in work, look at how to streamline your workflow, become more productive and use your time better. That way you won’t feel pressured to find quick-fix ways of having a good time.
In tomorrow’s blog post, Tom Weber will discuss the differences between working hard and working smart.

  1. Jay Mistry

    I think this is very true.

    The amount that they require mentally and physically at work is starting to reach unreasonable levels yet they say ‘work hard, play hard’.

    It almost feels like the workplace has turned in to a competition of I can still be successful and get smashed off my face.

    I and a few others have stopped drinking (can’t stop working) and some have cut down on drinking. More nights at the cinema. More nights sat at home surfing the net. More time with the girlfriend (don’t have one) but you know what i mean.

    Good stuff mate.

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