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Video – Stephen Covey on Choosing Success
by On July 24, 2009

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People author Stephen Covey on the role choice has in accomplishing and attracting what we want.

Can people truly change? Revinent themselves into more balanced, caring, productive individuals? Stephen Covery says, “Yes!!”

Covey’s first lesson to leaders is thay they are the productive of their own choices.

For instance, when asked, “Are you a product of nature or nurture,” Covey argues that neither is true. In reality, you are a product of your choices. You have the freedom to choose your response to both nature and nurture.

Leaders are not born or made, they are self made.

Be Free!

  1. Beth Banning

    Great post! I especially love the line: you are a product of your choices. This is so true. Some people fall into the trap of attributing their success and failures to destiny. But in reality, you make your own destiny according to the choices you make. You are the one controls your life, not the people are you or nor the environment.

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