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Top 10 Tips for Stress Management
by On June 15, 2010

recommended intake and helps you to function better physically and mentally.

(9) Talk to a friend

Sharing your worries with someone allows temporary relief of burden and helps you feel cared for.

(10) Cultivate a hobby

Your hobby should be something you’re passionate about- it helps to take your mind off the stress and gives you a sense of renewed awareness.

The next time you feel stressed out; remember that you are in control and try to practice the steps above!


About the Author: Francis Murphy

Learning to relax and reduce stress in your life is crucial for maintaining a healthy body and mind. These 10 tips for stress management will help you to achieve a state of balance to live a better life. Visit us to get your free Stress Relief Tips ebook download today.

  1. Toshiba

    great blog! Stress is an integral part of our life. And everything we can do with it is to try to reduce its pernicious influence upon us. Most of people cannot cope with it. By the way, as for me, the 1st item in this article should be “take it easy”:)

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