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Time Management the Second Time Around
by On May 11, 2012

I experienced a VERY embarrassing few minutes last weekend.  At our annual sales meeting, the concept of time management came up and Roger and Eric were reinforcing how effective the 2-Hour Solution was.  When asked how often I used it, I replied, “What’s that?”  Not good.  It’s the basis for our Time Management program.  My answer spurred an impromptu 15-minute “refresher” on the concept.  The bad news is that about 17 seconds into the description, I realized I DO in fact know what the 2-Hour Solution is all about.  At 18 seconds, things went from bad to worse as I realized as a P.A.C.T coach, I have TAUGHT the 2-Hour Solution (successfully, I might add) to clients.  I always just called it the “Time Management Exercise”.  I learned it a while back and have used it (successfully, I might add) in my own life.  At 25 seconds, I reveled in the bliss that was my weeks being laid out well in advance, unexpected tasks not getting in the way of my regular workload, my regular workload getting done and still having plenty of time to exercise and play with the kids.  Then I remembered the size of my checks coming in and how I was starting to feel comfortable in life.

Unfortunately, in that comfort zone, I stopped using it consistently.  Maybe I took it for granted because I have access to our programs every day, maybe I decided to prioritize something else, maybe I just thought I was better than I really was and didn’t need it.  Whatever the case, I was reminded of what a great thing the 2-Hour Solution is and how well it did work for me when I was actively applying it.  All of this happened inside of a minute.  Anyone who has been through the Memory Training knows that the brain thinks seven times faster than other people can speak.  I was easily doubling that.

For the next 14 minutes, my life was a whirlwind of listening, taking notes and brainstorming.  I got to thinking; I’ll bet there are LOTS of folks out there just like me who have a tool in their toolbox, but either let it get dull or even worse, just haven’t put it to use.  So here’s the plan: I’m committed to making the 2-Hour Solution part of my life again, and you are invited to come along for the ride.  This will be the first of a series of posts I’m doing on integrating this AWESOME program into my day-to-day.

Some of you may not have any idea what the 2-Hour Solution is all about.  PERFECT!  You are going to see first hand what effective time management can do for you.  Others of you might know about the 2-Hour Solution, but like me you stopped using it for one reason or another.  PERFECT!  You are going to be reminded how easy it is to re-integrate it into your life and can work along with me to get it back into your day-to-day.  Or you might be a 2-Hour Solution Evangelist.  PERFECT!  You can comment and share where it has helped you and the benefits it has brought to your life.

Feel free to follow the action here by adding us to your reader (click that link on the top right), or connect with me on twitter or Facebook.  I look forward to answering any questions and sharing how I get this crucial solution back into my life.

Be Free!

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