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The Ax Story
by On February 26, 2009

If you have attended the Memory Training Workshop, you memorized a story, The Ax Story, that, when ‘decoded’, is the solution to the quadratic equation. 

Here is the story if you need a refresher:

In my hands I have an AX (X)
I’m chopping RAILROAD TRACKS (=)
when I’m attacked by a giant BEE (b)
that’s stuck on a CROSS (+)
on another small BOARD (-)
I get scared and run into a CIRCUS TENT (Square Root Symbol)
where I’m attacked by another giant BEE (b)
that comes out of a SQUARE BOX (squared)
I pick up a BOARD (-)
swing at it
hop in my CAR (4)
and turn on the A.C. (ac)
I drive down a LOOOOOOOOONG ROAD (divided by symbol or a line under)
run over a LIGHT SWITCH (2)
and APPLES (a)
fall from the sky.

And here is the solution to the quadratic equation you just memorized.



If you have any questions, feel free to post them below.

Be Free!

Tom Weber
VP of Sales and Instructor

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