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The 2 Most Impactful Exercises for Professional and Personal Growth
by On November 18, 2009

Leah SimpsonIn my coaching experience, I have found these 2 activities the most impactful for your professional and personal development. What are they? Self-talk and visualization!

These activities ARE the most impactful, BUT the easiest to overlook and skip. So don’t skip it! Also, I encourage you to use self-talk and visualization not only as a salesperson or a professional, but in every capacity of your life.

However, for the next few minutes, we’re going to focus on using self-talk and visualization to improving our professional life by treating it more like a business with you as the business owner.

Definition of self-talk: The words you say to yourself.

That may sound odd, but the truth of the matter is, you talk to yourself all day long, whether you are aware of it or not. More importantly, whether your words are positive or negative, they are impacting you.

So…listen to the thoughts that run through your head. Catch those negative phrases that treat your professional life as a job and not as a business that you are in charge of. Here are some examples of job orientated self-talk phrases: “That’s not my job.” “I don’t know. (period).” “I’ve worked all my hours for the week.” “Ask someone else.” “It’s not my responsibility.” “That’s not in my job description.” “That doesn’t affect me.”

Now add business owner statements, such as: “I can handle it.” “I’d love to help you.” “I don’t know, but I would be happy to find out.” “Everything at this company affects me.” “What can I do to improve?” “I own these responsibilities.”

What about visualization?

Your mind plays movies all the time. For example, preparing for a sales presentation or conversation, you might start to worry. As you do, your mind plays what you anticipate or fear might happen. Use this same skill to your benefit by play a movie of you owning your business and succeeding.

Take 5-minutes, and visualize yourself working as a business owner. Visualize yourself growing personally, being recognized more, impacting people, making more money, and enjoying what you do.

If you take a few minutes a day to go through these exercises, you will see your thoughts become a reality. It sounds so simple, and it is, but you have to do it! Actually, you do use self-talk and visualization all the time—just not consciously. And our natural instinct is negative. It takes 6 positive statements or visualizations to replace a negative one, so you better get to work!

Remember that people who treat their work as a business grow more personally, receive more recognition, impact more people, make more money, and enjoy more of their working hours than those who treat their work as a job. I’d love to hear your stories or questions by posting a comment below.

Be Free!

Leah Simpson

  1. Bud Katman

    Great post Leah. I have found recording my self-talk to be most helpful as well. I plan to incorporate visualization while I listen to my 2 minute recording each day.

  2. Nathanael Davis

    Thanks Leah!
    It is so true, I find myself feeling overwhelmed and anxious and many times it is a simple statement and visualization that I have created semi-consciously and as soon as I think about it and counter with “That’s not true, this could be a good situation,” I snap out of it.

  3. Leah

    Great comments–thanks! It’s funny, Tim, they are fanastic techniques, and we use them all the time. The question is, do we use it for our BENEFIT? As Nathaneal said, our mind naturally goes to the negative first so much of the time, that it takes us consciously thinking beyond that to see the results we want. I love the visualization and recording idea!

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