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Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How for Giving Thanks
by On November 24, 2008

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I felt it quite appropriate to discuss the power of being thankful. We’re going to follow the six reporter questions of Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of giving thanks.

WHO? EVERYONE has many things for which they can be thankful. Do you feel like you are an exception? Well, I can think of at least two things for which you can be thankful-you are reading this blog post right now, so you can be thankful for your sight and ability to read! Especially this time of year, having sight allows you to see the smiles on your loved ones and the holiday lights.

WHAT? This is the fun part-you have NUMEROUS things for which you can be thankful, and you can determine them. Be observant…you’ll see all kind of wonderful things around you; from the people you meet, to the beauties of nature, to the circumstances in which you find yourself. AND, one of the amazing things about being thankful is that you can honestly be thankful for the difficult and trying situations in life, too. The saying, “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is a bit over used, but it carries much truth. You can always be thankful for the lessons you are learning and the growth you will have experienced when you emerge from a difficult situation.

WHERE? You can be thankful anywhere. In your bed as you wake up to start your day, at a restaurant where you have food to eat, at a store where a salesperson helps you to find a perfect present, at your office as you complete a big project-really, wherever you find yourself!

WHEN? You can ALWAYS be thankful! There are thoughts, circumstances, and people you encounter throughout your day for which you should give thanks. When someone helps you, or smiles nicely, or does their job well…thank them! Not only will you be more aware of the good things happening around you, but you will truly enhance the other person’s day as well. Just think of how good you feel when someone thanks you!

WHY? “Why” is very important. The “why” of being thankful can be broken into two arenas: for you and for others. When you look for things for which you are thankful, you will be more aware of the goodness in your life. You will focus on the positive. You will be less self-centered. You will smile more and feel better. At the same time, your thankfulness gives credit where credit is due-to others. A simple thank you can change another person’s attitude, mood, and day. So…you can help the people around you to be happier. In addition, regardless of your faith background, you should be thankful for all the beautiful and good things which exist-you did not create them all!

HOW? Sincerely. I am not suggesting you “fake” thankfulness because flattery gets you no where! The key to being thankful is to really observe and linger on the things and people for which you can sincerely be thankful instead of taking them for granted.

Hopefully, you have already thought of a few thankful situations in your life! Have a wonderful rest of November, happy holidays, be thankful and…

Be Free!

Leah Simpson

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