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Take it Off the Mat: Graceful Transitions
by On September 18, 2012

September 12, 2012

I have been practicing yoga for 14 years now. There are many concepts and experiences of my practice that I take off the yoga mat and into the real world. For those of you familiar with yoga, you might know what I am talking about…..don’t judge, listen to your body, don’t compare yourself with others, keep your eye on one focus….there are so many valuable correlations between the practice of yoga and the practice of life. In order to have a fluid, graceful practice….you must transition from one pose to the next.

Are we not so busy in life that we are constantly looking at the past, or working towards the future, that we don’t focus on the transition? I am sure you might be saying, “here goes the be present talk again.” Not at all.

How do you transition in life Gracefully?

Have you found yourself recently or presently in a state of transition? This could look like many things. For example, you might be in the transition of becoming a parent, moving to a new place, transitioning out of the work force, changing jobs, getting promoted, (insert your own here)…. This transition could be easy or difficult, good or bad, who knows? Typically, change is tough for most people, even if it is leading to a positive end state. So how can you make your transition as graceful as possible? There are many answers to this, (without getting into a book here) I will tell you what makes transitioning every yoga pose easier…strength…sheer Strength. Ahhh…let’s take this off the yoga mat and into real life.

How do you stay strong through your transitions in life?

Keeping yourself mentally strong, physically strong, spiritually strong, and staying strong and true to your personal core values. These will all help you get through any transition. In order for these aspects to be strong, they need to be practiced on a regular basis.

How are you doing in these areas of your life? If you cannot lift a 5 pound weight, I promise that the 50 pound rock that might land on your foot will be difficult to move. Get my point? Keeping yourself strong in all aspects of your life will ebb and flow, we are not perfect and we might get flabby in an area or two sometimes. But we CAN evaluate these areas and make an effort to get stronger, so that when that transition comes, we can handle it gracefully.

So….how are you doing in these areas? Take a moment and evaluate yourself on a scale of 1-10: (1 being you can’t lift a pound/10 being you might be on steroids)

Keeping yourself mentally strong on a regular basis? (Reading, listening to educational/positive material, keeping current on your product or industry)

Keeping yourself physically strong? (Working out, eating healthy, getting outside)

Keeping yourself spiritually strong? (Praying, meditating, service to others, practicing yoga – or whatever this looks like for YOU)

Keeping true to your core values? (Doing the right thing, keeping true to who you are and your beliefs, keeping your priorities straight)

We all must fall sometimes, or lose our balance…we often do this in yoga. The fall will never hurt as bad if….we are strong enough to catch ourselves.

I challenge you…Do one thing every day this week to improve your strength in one area of your life. We would love to hear your thoughts on what you are doing!!!

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