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Special Invitation for Freedom Personal Development Blog Subscribers
by On June 21, 2011

BOSI Networking learn with like-minded individuals from around the world. Think of BOSI as the “LinkedIn for entrepreneurs”. In addition to building your Rolodex and accessing great insight, you get your own personal profile page where you can highlight yourself and your business cialis nebenwirkungen to the bigger entrepreneurial eco-system.

Joining BOSI is absolutely free so make sure to create your profile there today! Prior to creating your profile, pharmacy online store you’ll be asked to take the free BOSI Test – a fun way to discover your unique entrepreneurial DNA. It takes less than 5 Minutes. As soon as you’ve taken the test, you’ll get a full report of your DNA and have the opportunity to join BOSI using your Facebook or LinkedIn account.

All Freedom Personal Development clients are tagged as such so we’ll be able to network, collaborate, and learn together within the system. Freedom Personal Development clients who join BOSI and create their profile this week also get a complimentary copy of Breakthrough Entrepreneurship (a $49 value). Breakthrough Entrepreneurship is an online video course packed full of insight and business development strategy specifically for your Entrepreneurial DNA. You’ll get more details on the course once you have created your personal profile.

Take 5 minutes right now and join us on this exciting social network!

Joe AbrahamJoe Abraham is the Founder & CEO of BOSI Inc.

The BOSI Networking Platform is built on the foundation of Joe’s new book: Entrepreneurial DNA. Order your copy today!

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