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Radical Mental Shift
by On November 11, 2010

I have long been fascinated by how my mental preparation has preceded specific results.

If I visualize an event going smoothly, it always goes better than if I go into it to “dominate” or “kick-butt.”

If you’ve ever noticed that your mental approach to a situation affects your results, you–like me–may find the following video enlightening.

The video is an Englishman who swam at the North Pole in 29-degree water (below freezing) for 1 km and at a newly formed lake (from a melted glacier) on Mt. Everest at 17,388 feet (5300 m), which is higher than any continental U.S. peak.

Part of his talk is on climate change, but the majority of his talk is on the important lesson that he shares on the radical mental shift that he had to make to complete his mission.

On first attempt, he nearly drowned swimming at the altitude. In order to complete his swim, he had to learn from his Sherpas how to change his entire approach to swimming across this lake: He had to switch from aggressive and “hyped” up to “humble” and accepting. Watch this and then continue reading (it is only 9 minutes long).

The idea of ”what mindset do I need to be in for this task” is a fascinating one. I think it is something that we can constantly monitor as we have so many different tasks to accomplish each day.

It is also a great reminder that a “Mind made up is the most powerful force on the planet.” Truly profound. My question to you is this:

What have you made up your mind about?

Be Free!

Tom Weber

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