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Performance Check Up (and a crazy guy movie)
by On March 26, 2009

So, I was amusing myself yesterday on my drive home from a sales call (I was up at 5:00 to get there on time which will explain the following wackiness) and I was contemplating what would be the components of the ultimate “guy” movie. (Trust me, I will tie this all together in the end.) 

I found the components easy to list: Ninjas, a bank heist, monkeys, Clint Eastwood, the cast of Monty Python, Eddie Murphy (Beverly Hills Cop Eddie, not Dr. Doolittle Eddie), KIT from Nightrider, Teen Wolf, the cast of Oceans 11, a motorcycle gang with mullets, pirates, Mickey Rooney, Alec Baldwin, and Spuds McKenzie, with the Soundtrack written and performed by Metallica and 2PAC Shakur.

I had to smile at myself, as you may be right now, because that is absolutely ridiculous. We all know that if someone attempted to incorporate all of those pieces into ONE congruent story that it would be insane and make no sense (although I would still watch it, and buy the DVD.)

This applies to you right now because as I was musing over what I wanted to post, I realized that I had a list of things in my head that I thought would be “important”. I also realized that I don’t need to create a crazy complex article with a succinct narrative to help you hit your goals. Sometimes, we need to simplify things and not “over think” our situation. Sometimes all we need is to ask questions.

Answer these questions as quickly as you can…Ready?…Set?…GO

  1. What is your current Quarterly Goal? How quickly did you answer? (Immediately is the correct answer)
  2. Are your goals meaningful to you, yes or no?
    If no, find a reason or find a real goal.
  3. Do you have your goals posted where you can see them, yes or no? If no, immediately write your keystone goal down on whatever you can find before reading one more line of this post.(Do not continue until you have your goals posted somewhere, even if it is on a dirty Kleenex)
  4. Are you currently reading or listening to something sales/business/self improvement related, yes or no? If no, check out our recommended reading and listening material.
  5. Did you have a weekly planning/scheduling session with yourself this week, yes or no?
  6. Do you spend at least 5 minutes each day by yourself for silence/gratitude/meditation/prayer/breathing/staring into space, yes or no?
  7. Do you physically exercise, yes or no?
  8. When was the last time you envisioned the future and thought about your Purpose or Vision?
  9. When was the last time you did a Dream Building Session?

Ok, pop quiz over. Here is the good news, it is impossible to fail that test. Simply the act of taking it AND taking immediate action on any areas that you feel are necessary is how you pass.

Do yourself a favor, check these questions regularly. Come up with your own questions. Be your own coach. Treat everyday as if this is YOUR business. Create your own movie, just make sure you want to watch it.

Be Free!

Tom Weber

  1. Dave

    This is a wonderful post. I couldn’t agree more with all of your questions. I make it my intention to review my goals and envision them happening EVERY day, and to feel and experience what it will be like when they happen, because I KNOW they’re going to happen (or something better). It’s a very powerful, creative state to live in.

    Thanks for the great post Tom.

  2. Roger Seip

    Love it, Tom- really excellent post.

    $75000immediately, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, last week, a few weeks ago, too long ago, too long ago, yesterday,2 days ago, every day when I wake up and when I go to bed, 2 weeks ago.

    and 5 AM is really not that early, dude 🙂

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