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57 Reasons Why People LOVE Working at Freedom Personal Development
by On February 16, 2010

Freedom 3CYesterday, on our blog, we announced Freedom Personal Development was hiring for sales / speaker positions.  If you are wondering what kind of people work here, and WHY they work here, we are proud to share with you the responses collected from our current team.  We asked everyone to submit a few bullet points on why they like working with this company.

You will notice our Core Values were a popular response – click here for more details on the values we anchor our decisions and direction to.

Here is what the current Freedom Team had to say about working at Freedom Personal Development…..

  1. Freedom Personal Development gives me the chance to impact thousands of people.
  2. It forces me to grow and be a living example of our core values.
  3. It allows me to live out what work is supposed to be – a vehicle for freedom in my Life and my family’s Life, while doing something that benefits society in a very direct way.
  4. It’s fun!
  5. I am working with a product that truly improves the lives of everyone who comes in contact with it.
  6. It is infectious – not only to me but to all of our clients – to be surrounded by co-workers who set and accomplish goals and strive to live life to the fullest with great attitudes.
  7. The company’s core values of integrity, joy, freedom, excellence, and profitability are in perfect harmony with my personal values.
  8. The freedom and flexibility it allows me in planning my own life.
  9. The joy and professionalism of the people at Freedom Personal Development make it a wonderful place to work.
  10. The company keeps me in touch with people who care about others and who are genuine in their desire to help mankind; while at the same time allowing me the opportunity to grow as a person through my friendships within the company.
  11. By associating with the right people, I am kept abreast of what is happening in the speaking arena.
  12. Most importantly, the company’s core values are in sync with my personal aspirations.
  13. It is an organization made up of people who actually live out the core values.
  14. As a former Olympic athlete, I love being part of a closely knit team. The Freedom Team allows me to maintain my my own personal identity and strengths while simultaneously feasting on the dynamics of a team with mind boggling core values.
  15. The leadership is savvy, the principles that drive the training and instruction are proven, and the customer service is poised to truly satisfy our clients. WOW. What’s not be juiced out of your mind about?
  16. It’s not a job, it’s your own business.
  17. There are no limit to what you can accomplish.
  18. Working with different people and places everyday.
  19. Everyone in the company shares the same values as I do.
  20. I am privileged to have relationships with this inspiring group of overachievers who are supportive and eager for my growth.
  21. I am surrounded by the best group of professionals in the world. I am honored.
  22. I am blessed to work and associate with the highest quality individuals who constantly challenge me to pursue my own personal freedoms.
  23. The opportunity I have been given to change others lives (hopefully profoundly) gives me great joy.
  24. I am working with the most amazing people both professionally and personally.
  25. The ability to change people’s lives with my career.
  26. Working with Freedom Personal Development is not just a career, it is a way of life.
  27. Freedom Personal Development allows me to achieve my life’s purpose, which is to help people achieve joy and success in the personal and professional lives.
  28. The people in this organization are literally the most inspiring, passionate, competitive and FUN group I have ever been around. It’s an absolute blessing to call them colleagues and friends.
  29. The company’s core values of integrity, joy, freedom, excellence, and profitability fire me up and continue to teach and guide me on daily basis.
  30. I am so fortunate to be working with a company that encourages and supports growth in every aspect of your life to achieve balance (mental, physical, financial, professional, spiritual).
  31. Everyone needs to be held accountable….FPD does that for me and it helps me succeed.
  32. I work with the most amazing and inspirational people I could imagine. Who could ask for more?
  33. I like working at Freedom Personal Development because of the values promoted and lived, the caliber of people I’m surrounded by, and the opportunity to have an impact in a very positive way.
  34. The core values are in line with my values and outlook on life.
  35. The products and services we offer truly enhance people’s lives.
  36. Life is too short to not surround yourself with positive, encouraging people. Everyone at FPD is a positive influence.
  37. I have never worked for an organization as dedicated to growth and development as FPD. Truly an outstanding group of individuals who consistently are there for each other and willing to help in every possible way.
  38. I have grown more as an individual in this organization than ever before. A true reflection of our core values, especially that of Freedom which I enjoy more and more each day. I am continually inspired by everyone in this organization and am proud to be one of the essential ingredients in the mix.
  39. I enjoy the enthusiastic and cultivating atmosphere of Freedom Personal Development.
  40. This is the first job where I can actually say I like going to work.
  41. I believe the products we offer and services we provide GENUINELY help people.
  42. The quality of the people, the values that this company has, the energy, enthusiasm, and ambiance these people exude keeps me smiling.
  43. The company lives by its core values.
  44. The flexibility of working from home.
  45. The positive work atmosphere helps me become a more positive person.
  46. It’s a training company that truly strives to be what it should be, consistent with their Core Values, and what they teach.
  47. Emphasis on Gratitude and the pursuit of Excellence…how cool is that!
  48. The people are terrific to work with and the positive energy is important.
  49. The company treats me with respect and it’s like being in a family atmosphere. Simply stated, all companies should be like this one.
  50. I love the work I do here and the rewards are endless if you put your mind to it.
  51. WORK?!? I have too much fun to call this work. Seriously, if you stopped paying me, I would still show up.
  52. I have the freedom to pursue and develop new ideas and products.
  53. The products we produce make a positive impact in the lives of our clients.
  54. The culture is focused on continual improvement, for me professionally, personally and for the company.
  55. Our Core Values and the way we use them to make decisions ROCK!
  56. The atmosphere at Freedom Personal Development and the attitudes of the people working with the company have provided me with an environment fostering growth in both my professional life and in my personal life.
  57. I am able to help people increase the quality of their lives, while improving my own self, and I can see immediate evidence of that every single day.

Be Free!

Visit our Career Opportunities page if you would like more information on how to join the Freedom Personal Development Team.

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