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Overcoming Being Overwhelmed
by On November 6, 2011

I have re-learned something this week that has really helped me look at my time and how to take more control of my time.  For most of us we have a lot to do and it sometimes seems that we do not have enough time to accomplish those things.  Whether it be on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.  This article will help you take control of the emotions and feelings that you have about your time to then get more things done.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the amount of tasks, duties, etc. that you need to get done?  Are you being stretched in too many directions?  Are you thinking about other tasks while performing the task that you are in?

Guilty, we all are.  For me, this week was all of the above.  It was a piling on affect for me because I had not been able to get things done leading up to this week.  I had been constantly thinking about other things that needed to get done while I was performing work tasks.  Scatterbrain is a great way to describe me last week.  Almost like being a novelist.  Someone who knows a little about everything however they know nothing about anything specific.  A jack of all trades but a specialist in nothing.

What I found is that NOT being focused on the task that I was presently performing, I was not performing any task to the level that I am capable of.  I was spinning my wheels.  Putting in a lot of effort and going nowhere.  Frustration is the end result feeling.

I got punched in the face yesterday, woke up and played out the events of this past week.  I got a voice mail from my mother saying that my father was in the hospital with stomach pains and had been in the hospital since Sunday.  He lives alone and had recently overcame pancreatic cancer, so we are always worried about him.  A weight hit me in my chest.  Not because he was in the hospital but because I knew that he was in the hospital.  I had spoke with him and his nurse on Tuesday.  He is just fine, nothing serious.  Thank God.  I felt heavy because I had this information on Tuesday and did not call my mother or my sister to let them know.  Looking back on the situation, the only reason that I can think of why I did not make those phone calls is because I was “too busy”.

This is where my learning comes from and why I say that “You are not that busy”.  Wow, such a reality check for me to look back and think about where my priorities had been for the past week and possibly longer.  This situation with my dad has put things into perspective for me.  Sometimes it takes something like this to happen before we take ourselves out of the situation and really look at it.

I had been so consumed with ME and the things that I needed to get done, that I missed the biggest task of the week.

OG Mandino says in his scroll from “Greatest Salesman in the World”.  I am master of my emotions.  So I started telling myself that I am master of my emotions, I have plenty of time, I have enough time to get everything done, I spend quality time with my wife and my family, I use my time to it’s fullest potential, I am master of my time.  This is the first thing that I recommend that you do, tell yourself what is truth.  The truth is that there is plenty of time and it is up to you to control it and not let it control you.  Knowing that you DO have plenty of time, you are able to prioritize tasks and accomplish them.

The other lesson here is to take the time to simply RELAX.  When you feel yourself getting worked up and spinning, RELAX. Great thing is that it only takes a couple minutes to RELAX.  Take some deep breaths, feel that calmness around you, feel the abundance, feel the love, feel the power you have over your time.  When you take small breaks throughout the day, actually take that time, clear your head and simply relax.  You can do this even when you going to the kitchen to get something to drink, let those arms go limp, relax your head and take some deep breaths.  When you relax, your ideas and thoughts are flowing more free, which leads to remembering more things that need to get done or better ways to get them done.

Schedule it and JUST DO IT.  When you are doing your weekly planning, put everything that needs to get done on your calender.  When that time comes to perform that task, don’t think about it, JUST DO IT!

I have an abundance of TIME, I get things done, I am a man of action.

Be Free!

Alan Mong

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