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Memory Expert Roger Seip Interviewed on 1310 am WIBA
by On May 19, 2010

Listen to Roger’s Radio Interview (4 minutes)

Memory Training expert, Roger Seip, has trained thousands of people across the country on how to develop a more powerful memory.  He was interviewed on WIBA in Madison, WI and shares some insights on how to improve your working memory. 

A study by Rutgers University proved that improving your working memory will make you smarter.  The fact is, you are not born with a good or bad memory.  Learning to improve your memory is a skill that anyone can do.

The most common memory question?  “How do I remember names?!?!”

Here are some tips to help you remember people’s names:

1.  Slow down and listen to the name – it seems obvious, but if you forget someone’s name 5 seconds after you meet them, you probably did not hear the name to begin with.

2.  Repeat the name after meeting someone – do this conversationally, such as, “Dave, it is really nice to meet you Dave.”

3.  Visualize the name – this will help give you a visualize trigger when you meet the person in the future. 

Roger teaches a full 8-hour Memory Training Workshops in varies cities through out the country – view the national workshop schedule.  To learn more, call 888-233-0407 or enroll online.

Memory Training in Madison, WI

The next Madison, WI Memory Training Workshop will be on August 9 and 10 (Monday and Tuesday) from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm at the Park Bank Plaza (2810 Crossroads Drive, Lower Level).  Roger Seip will be your instructor.  Hope to see you there!

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