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Recommended Product – Leadership – The Critical Difference by Brian Tracy
by On July 23, 2008

Recommended Product –
Leadership – The Critical Difference

Do you know what the key characteristics of top-rated managers and leaders are? More importantly, do you know how to attain them?

Now you can uncover the answers to virtually every question you’ve ever has about sales leadership and management.

This comprehensive program, by Brian Tracy, packs thousands of profitable strategies into 14 one-hour sessions designed to help cut costs, increase sales and dramatically improve profits.

Some of the things you will discover are:

– How to guarantee you hire the best person for the job….every time
– 2 ways to brainstorm for breakthrough ideas
– How to sell like a seasoned pro
– 21 ways to get extraordinary performance from ordinary employees
– How to hold brisk, precise, productive meetings

Your company may not have all the money in the world, but you can still have the best training in the world. With the rate of business failures today, it’s important to lead your company or business with effective business strategies. Brian Tracy will teach you all of the various components of an effective leadership strategy. Learn the same strategies that all successful businesses are built on.

A must for present and future business owners and leaders.

This series includes duplicate copies of the Compact Disc and CD-ROM Workbook.
The duplicate copies are to be distributed among your employees. With everyone learning the same strategies, you’ll maximize the results of this program!

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