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How to Remember Meeting Times
by On February 22, 2010

Leah SimpsonHas this ever happened to you? You are in someone’s office, or on the phone in your car, and you set up a meeting. By the time you get to your calendar to write it down, you cannot recall the time of the meeting? You have to call the person and look like you either did not really care about your meeting or that you are not very smart. Well, you do care, and you are smart, so how can we stop that from happening?

We will use the Mental File Folder System we teach at our Memory Training Workshop – all you need is a File, an Image and some Glue.

Step 1 – File 

You know what the person looks like, so you have your file.

Step 2 – Image

 Now you need an image for the time of the meeting. From your Tree List, you have images for times on the hour—1 through 12. That’s a good start. Now you just need an image for the minute—usually appointments start on the hour or half hour. Sometimes, the quarter hour. So let’s get pictures for 15, 30, and 45. 15 is easy—a paycheck (or money) from your tree list.

For 30 and 45, we will use a bit of advanced numbers. Using phonetics to create a picture for 30, you get “Muh” for 3 and “Suh” for 0. “Muh-Suh”. I use Mouse. Using phonetics for 45, you get “Ruh” for 4, and “Luh” for 5. “Ruh-Luh” I use rail.

For more information on advanced numbers, be sure to check out the Advanced Numbers and Playing Cards program available on our website. Otherwise, you can use mouse for 30 and rail for 45.

Step 3 – Glue

So, you have a 2:30 meeting with Dave. Picture Dave with a big light switch on his face. When you flip the light switch, a mouse comes running out of his mouth. Now you know your meeting is at 2:30.

You have a 3:45 meeting with Mike. Picture Mike swinging a stool over his head. He smacks the stool into a rail. Now you know your meeting with Mike is at 3:45.

One more. You have a 1:00 meeting with Nick. Picture Nick with a big tree coming out of his head. You know your meeting with Nick is at 1:00.

Can you remember that picture until you write it on your calendar—of course you can! Just use your memory tools!

Be Free!

Leah Simpson

  1. Bud Katheman

    What a great application of my new-found memory skills. I love the simplicity and reminder that many times, most of the time, we simply need our memory to bridge the gap between our calendar or computer and the meeting or person where we realized we need to remember something.

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