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How to Motivate Yourself
by On March 25, 2009

What do you need a sales manager for that you can’t do for yourself? For example, when it comes to “getting motivated” your sales manager is really of no use to you because you do not need to be motivated to succeed in sales. What you need is FOCUS.

Picture yourself caught up in your own personal version of sales hell. And over there you see the Top Producer in your company, shimmering along through life, raking in the dough. “This stinks” you say to yourself and think, “Maybe I’m gonna go knock off for the day, get my head together, and come back tomorrow. If I could just get motivated like that guy, I’d be able to do so much better.”
But here is what too many salespeople fail to understand. That Top Producer guy is really no more motivated than you. He is just more focused.

Being focused simply means that he KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS and getting it is more important to him than the unpleasantness of the activity required to obtain it.

So here is how you “motivate yourself.”

Step One – determine what it is that you really want from life, more than anything else.

Step Two – Determine what price you will have to pay to get it. In time, in labor, in money.

Step Three – Determine that you will pay the price and you will achieve your purpose.

Step Four – Take action.

From here on out, every time you are tempted to slow down, give up, get distracted, just ask yourself this question, “What do I really want?” Do I want this temporary and fleeting pleasure that will be gone in a few minutes and will leave me with less than I had when I started, or do I want to achieve the desire of my heart?

Makes the choice pretty simple doesn’t it. Yeah. That’s why it’s called focus.
If you do this, you will never need a pep talk from your sales manager again. In fact, he or she will be asking you for tips. Take responsibility for your own career and start managing yourself.

Be Free!

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