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How to Memorize a Calendar
by On April 25, 2008

Leah SimpsonThis is one of my favorite applications of memory training. I can’t claim creating it myself, but it is an amazing technique to memorize the calendar.

That’s right, memorize the calendar. You want me to go to a baseball game with you on June 10th? Sorry, the 10th is a Tuesday, and I have Bible study on Tuesdays.Would you like to be able to do that? I am going to explain how. Use this opportunity to file away the calendar for 2008 or any year. Here we go!

First you need a picture for every month. Many months are pretty simple, but use whatever works for you. Go through the year, and pick an image for every month. Remember, any picture works as long as you create it. Here are some suggestions:

January – A New Year’s hat or the Times Square ball
February – Hearts for Valentines Day
March – A Shamrock for St. Patty’s Day or a basketball for March Madness
April – A Tax Form or Rain for April Showers
May – A Maypole or Flowers (for what April showers bring)
June – A June Bug
July – Fireworks for the 4th of July
August – The Beach or a Pool for the hot weather
September – A Backpack for the start of school or Fall Colored Leaves
October – A Jack-O-Latern or a Ghost for Halloween
November – a Turkey for Thanksgiving
December – Santa Claus or Snow Flakes

Any picture works as long as you create it. If you have great ideas for images of months, share it with everyone and post a comment below

Now pull out a calendar. All you need to figure out is the first Sunday of every month. For example, in 2008, the first Sunday of January is the 6th. The picture for 6, on The Tree List, is a gun. So…you glue your image for the month, say a New Year’s hat, with the number of the first Sunday, in this case, a gun. So you could picture your New Year’s hat shoot off a gun. One show for each second as the count down to midnight begins….10….9….8…..

You now know that the 6th is a Sunday, which also means the 13th, the 20th and the 27nd are Sundays. For Monday, you’re going to add one. Tuesday, you’re going to add two, three for Wednesday, and so on through six for Saturday.

And voila, you have your calendar! Aside from being handy, people will be so impressed with how smart you are!

Be Free!

Leah Simpson

  1. Brett

    I tried to use the suggested images for March, but the only thing that kept running through my mind is the march of dimes. So, I have a row of dimes marching for March.

  2. Suzanne

    This month, Sunday is on the First. I picture a leprechaun, for March, dancing around the base of a Tree
    to keep me from catching him and getting his pot of gold.
    I’m scheduling for April already. I picture an Easter Bunny putting on his glove (Sunday is the 5th)
    to get ready for the Easter Parade.
    I’m new at this, so I’m concentrating on the Sundays in the month.

  3. Leah Simpson

    Love the images! You guys are doing great. It is amazing how fast it can be. My image for March is a marching band, and 2010 can take less than 10 min. I’m just not sure what to think about being a princess and Homer??? Those are my images, too–they work, it’s just not the most flattering. But then again, John??!?!!!? You have a great image!

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