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How to Live a Life of Freedom and Grow a Business – Interview with Eric Plantenberg
by On July 22, 2009

Freedom Personal Development Freedom Personal Development’s president and CEO, Eric Plantenberg, was interviewed last week by Joe Abraham on Blog Talk Radio

Jay wanted to know how you can run a successful business and not let it run you.

As a business owner, Eric is a prime example of an entrepreneur that has walked the talk of not letting your business run your life. He has had the freedom to take months away from his business to travel the world while still maintaining an impressive record of sales growth. He shares a system for dismantling stress and living a life of freedom.

Eric walks you through the 4 questions that are essential for every business owner to ask and answer to cultivate joy and freedom while dealing with stressful day-to-day business challenges.

Many business leads have said that they quality of questions you ask yourself determine the quality of answers you will find for your business. Participating in the exercise and questions Eric shared during the interview will change they way you see your world.

Eric applies these 4 questions to an everyday business challenge – not being able to motivate your sales people. If you are having the same challenge in your business, Eric’s unique method will alter the way you approach solving this common problem.

Enjoy this interview and Be Free!

PS – Feel free to post any questions or comments for Eric.

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