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How to Live a Life of Freedom and Be Successful
by On November 19, 2009

Eric PlantenbergI recently received this email from a friend that asked me how to live a life of freedom and be successful. I wanted to share it with our blog readers since I feel his question and circumstances are what many people find themselves in.

I would be happy to answer any of your questions on living the life of your dreams. Simply post a comment below.

Be Free!


How are you Eric? I’m glad that you added me on Facebook. I frequently visit your website and also check your Facebook.

You’re just amazing Eric . Since we met on Mariner of the Seas, about 2 years ago….I read a lot of books. I found myself wrong in living my way of life. I read Napoleon Hills, Robert T. Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Anand Khrisna,..etc. I attend seminars and trainings on self-improvement. Last seminar that I attended is Tony Robbins’ “awaken the giant within”.

A year ago I decided to run business on a restaurant..but It didn’t run well. This restaurant closed. Then I opened a coffee shop but it doesn’t show some progress yet. To me I don’t regret of trying a business. Now I comeback on board to get some capital to start another business again.

Eric I have a question for you….”How can you be successful like this?” visiting amazing places in the world …and still going on…build great company…build great relationships…Hmmmm..would you please share some of your principles or ways to me?

[my response]


It’s great to hear from you (:

All is really well with me – thanks for asking…. and thanks for the kind words. I am very impressed to hear about your commitment to your Self Development. That you would ask this questions of me “How can you be successful like this?” is very humbling as i don’t really look at it that way. I am just living my life. Two things that come to mind that have helped me to live my life in a way that works for me are this:

1. I actively work on the picture of what i would like to experience. I Dream. I plan. I set goals. I imagine what could be.

2. I live in the moment. I believe that whatever is happening in my life is exactly what is supposed to be happening. I can’t remember the last time i “failed.” There have been MANY times when things didn’t go the way i planned them to – and then i saw that that was exactly what was supposed to happen to help me get to where i am now.

Be Free!

Eric Plantenberg

  1. Bud Katheman

    Understanding this simple concept that everything is exactly the way it’s supposed to be, has changed my life. Getting it, and accepting it, is powerful in a soothing, calming, laid-back kind of a way. It removes all kinds of stress of paddling upstream and reacting to what’s going on every day. There is something to be gained and learned from every moment, if you are open to it.

  2. Margaret

    Good Morning Eric,

    I felt compelled to send you a note about your blog today. I read Freedom’s blog every day and love how it helps me to strive to be a better person both personally and professionally. Today I felt especially inspired by your response to your friend and wanted to thank you for sharing your insight.

    Thank you!

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