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How to Get People to Tell You the Truth
by On January 27, 2009

If you want people to tell you the truth, you have to provide a safe environment for that to happen. 

If you find people are lying to you, or not telling you the whole truth, on a regular basis, perhaps you should look at yourself.  How do you react and respond to situations when they are presented to you?

If you react in an upset or angry manner on a regular basis, people will feel uncomfortable and will soon start to hold back or omit certain details.  They will try to paint the picture in a way that is more comfortable and easy for you to accept.

Consider keeping lines of communication open by reacting to information in a calm manner, even when the truth isn’t pretty.   Let people know they can be open and honest with you.  Together you can take the situation and deal with it, either to solve, correct, or address the issue to make it better.

Be Free!

Ken Budka

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