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Why and How to Fire Your Sales Manager
by On February 23, 2009

Today I am going to discuss how and why you should fire your sales manager.  Why?  Because you don’t need one.

The most important jobs that a sales manager does are things your can totally do yourself.  In fact, if you are doing your job right, you should be managing yourself.  

Let us look at what the job of a sales manager IS NOT. The sales manager’s job is NOT to keep you motivated. It is not your sales manager’s job to set your goals for you. Nor is it your sales manager’s job to train you. And your sales manager is not the person responsible for finding you leads and prospects.

“In my company,” you say, “That is exactly what my manager is supposed to do.” Yes well that may be what your organizational chart and your company’s policies say, but I promise you that that has nothing to do with reality. The fact is, your sales manager is only there because the company realizes that most people do NOT manage themselves. Somebody has to do it, so they pick somebody out of the crowd and dub him or her “sales manager”.

Yet there is nothing of any real importance to your selling success that a sales manager does that you can’t do yourself.

Your manager cannot give you a personal or professional purpose in life. A clear and compelling purpose is the only real motivation and it comes from within you.

Set Goals 
While your company may set goals for you (perhaps because you aren’t doing it yourself) these are not YOUR goals. For a goal to really have a positive effect, it must be meaningful to you – connected to your purpose. Stop working for your boss’s goals and start working on your own.

It may certainly be true that your manager provides you training. That’s great, but you know what? Learning your job is YOUR job. So go beyond the company mandated minimum training. Invest some time and money in your own training. Buy books, go to outside seminars or listen to audio trainings.  Take advantage of whatever additional training your company offers, but take charge and do it yourself.

Leads and Prospects 
Perhaps your manager provides you leads paid for by the company. Maybe you were even given a territory and inherited some accounts. That’s an OK place to start. But it you want to take charge of your business, you need to generate your own leads through a system of referrals generation. You may even want to explore alternate channels of distribution. Either way it’s up to you.

Take charge of your sales business so that you can fire your sales manager. Trust me. If you do, your manager will love it, because it will make his job so much easier. Take charge of your business, take charge of your life. There is no better time than NOW.

Be Free!

This article was written by David Denis owner of

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  1. Joshua Harris

    I concur that the position of Sales Manager carries little or no authority and has even less quantitative value.

    Therein lies the rub.

    The job description appeals to the laziest, most mediocre, and unambitious of any labor pool.

    Like a politician to a camera, these people are drawn by some innate force that trumps logic, sound business strategy, and reason.

    The problem: This job appeals to many, many people.

    The system is flawed.

  2. Geoff Veit

    That was a bit harsh. I think that drawing an axiom of the job sales manager might be unfair. I was lucky early in my career. I had a sales manager that taught me sales techniques I have yet to read with the same understanding I had when it came out of his mouth. He was a hard working guy that helped me see the fact that everyone out there wants to sell but very few are willing to prepare for it. He trained me in ways that only OJT can. He helped me keep my attitude up when my sales were down and gave me the legs I needed when I was new to the field. He, almost, literally built a fire under me. If you have an inspirational, hard working, talented sales manager, do not fire them!

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