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Happy 12th Anniversary Freedom Personal Development
by On November 20, 2008

Today marks the 12th anniversary of Freedom Personal Development. It seems fitting that today’s post takes a look at where we have been and where we are going.

The Freedom Personal Development Story

In November of 1996, Eric Plantenberg and Roger Seip had a vision to take their passion for helping people succeed and turn that into a company. At first, Eric and Roger weren’t sure how they would improve their client’s professional and personal lives or what service they would offer. What they did have was a tremendous conviction and a burning desire to help people achieve more at work and in life. Thus, Freedom Personal Development was born in a small two bedroom apartment.

With solid backgrounds in sales, sales management and training, Eric and Roger began a two person training company working, with The Memory Training Institute, to deliver Memory Training Workshops in Wisconsin. In conjunction to the memory program, Freedom Personal Development opened a speaker’s bureau and Eric and Roger started presenting their own training programs to companies across the country. Increasing in size and staff, the operations moved into an office building.

After experiencing a few years of success with this business model, the two decided to teach their memory selling system to other speakers around the area. At the same time, Freedom Personal Development took over the operations at The Memory Training Institute, the company that they, only a few short years before, had worked for. Seeing there was more potential in selling these programs exclusively, the speaking bureau component of the company was closed.

After working out some of the early bugs in their selling model, the system had been perfected and Freedom Personal Development has continued to hired and train speakers nationwide, offering classes in 20 cities nationwide..

The Freedom Team continues to grow each year as new markets are launched and new programs are developed. Most recently, The Fundamentals of Freedom Series was introduced nationally and has been receiving rave reviews from participants.  A four part workshop series, the Fundamentals of Freedom program has casses that include goal setting, time managment, attitude management and cultivating passion and significance. Our newest program, Speed Reading, is being launced in 2009 with workshop in Chicago, IL and Nashua, NH.

What the Future Holds for Freedom Personal Development

Our purpose has always been clear: we exist to serve by Delivering Freedom. By our definition, this means delivering, “the capacity to exercise choice,” to ourselves, to our clients and to our partners.

As history has shown, growth is an important part of the Freedom Personal Development culture. In fact, in all aspects of the business, whether it’s adding speakers and trainers in new cities or expanding the variety of course offerings, growth is a number one priority, for the company, for the team members and for their clients.

Today, we are continuing to help thousands of companies and individuals achieve their own levels of personal success. When we look ahead, we see ourselves offering programs in 50 markets throughout North America and expanding our business internationally. Firmly rooted in our core values of Integrity, Joy, Freedom, Excellence and Profitability, the future looks bright indeed.


PS – Wishing a very happy birthday to our president, Eric Plantenberg, today too!

  1. Kristin Thompson

    Thank the universe for uniting Eric and Roger with Memory Training! I am so grateful to have the opporunity to work with FPD, with Eric and Roger, and the entire team here- 24 club, speakers and bookers alike. Never have I been surrounded by such talent.

    May the future be long and overwhelmingly full of joy and profitability!

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