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How to Gain New Ideas from Re-Reading Books
by On June 24, 2010

In preparing for this article, I had a powerful realization. It struck me that many times when we are in need of motivation or ideas to improve ourselves, we tend to look for new concepts in new books, new CD’s and new teachers. If we could revisit what we had learned in the past, perhaps we would find a deeper level of understanding and answers our own questions.

I would like to suggest that you go back to your own bookshelf, or wherever you keep your learning tools, and pull something off of the shelf that you have not paged through or listened to in the last year.

These tools could be anything – training manuals, sales books, notes from a seminar, notes from a meeting or seminar etc. I would bet that you will be amazed by how much you can gain from rereading a book, a chapter, or even a page for the second, third or fourth time.

I have a whole pile of books that I have read multiple times and I still gain a new truth or idea every single time I revisit them. I have found that the concepts that seemed simple and easy the first time suddenly reveal themselves to contain million dollar ideas.

It is like you have been digging in the same gold mine for years. Just when you think you have gotten every bit of precious metal available and you casually take one more shovel full only to realize that you have just uncovered the mother lode.

What are your top books or learning tools that you feel would be beneficial to revisit?

Be Free!

Tom Weber

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