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Embracing the Positives and Negatives on the Road to Success
by On November 18, 2008

We just finished celebrating Halloween and, I don‘t know about you but, I am still eating Halloween candy. Halloween is a time when we often think of and dress up as good vs evil, dark vs light, angels or devils, trick or treat, are you a good witch or a bad witch? Ok, so that one was more Wizard of Oz but you get the picture.

Do you view life in this same fashion? There are good things in life and there are bad things in life.  Is that how you see it? What if instead, you chose to embrace BOTH the positive and negatives…..together, as they exist.

Like it or not, you cannot have pleasures in life with out also enduring some pains along the way. When you accept this, you can see the pain as growth and another step towards the pleasure and decide not to let it discourage you.

For instance, when you work out, what happens?? Your muscles get sore, right? But in time, you get stronger and leaner, maybe lose some weight, and definitely become a healthier person inside and out. That’s where the saying no pain, no gain comes from!!

Especially when we are doing something new, there is pain involved. It may not have been easy at first but the pay off was worth it so you stuck with it. Everything in life, in our businesses, in our relationships goes thru growing pains as well.

Success isn’t measured by how easily you got there. It’s that you rose above the pitfalls and had the courage to keep going. You must often go thru the bad to get to the good. But the key is to relative it is not about one or the other, it is about seeing them as a whole. One entity that forms life. You will suffer less when you place that acceptance as the root of your reality.

If you are constantly begging for only positive things in your life, you will only amplify in your mind that which you consider negative. Besides, sometimes the greater your obstacles, the more you feel you have accomplished once you have succeeded!

One of my favorite quotes is “The soul would have no rainbows, had the eyes no tears.” I have no idea who said it, I just heard it a long time ago and it stuck with me.

So embrace the negatives along with the positives.. They are BOTH necessary…..together.

It is your judgment of a situation that causes you pain, not the situation itself. Make it another great day!!

Be Free!

Lauri Sompres

  1. Oliver

    I am looking for insight that will allow to me forsee the present and future obstacles that come on the road to success. The views expressed here were spoken of on such general terms that it makes it hard to apply them to any paticular situation. Sorry, Halloween does not cut it. Neither does a phrase about rainbows and tears.

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