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Coming Up Short But Still Going Long
by On June 6, 2012

more time connecting with clients later on.

I found myself stressing about the next week – There is a fair amount of prep that goes into my job and by limiting myself to only planning one week at a time, I found myself constantly thinking about stuff that I hadn’t yet accounted for. I think my experiment in one-week scheduling may come to a crashing halt.

I have a ways to go before I am solid with the 2-Hour Solution – I never physically put in my ReCreation Time or enough Excellence Time. If past experience is any indicator, I start kicking a LOT of butt when I invest in me. Also, I need to plan further out in order to be able to do this effectively. I let my “experiment” get in the way of my productivity.

Overall, I had an awesome week – By consciously scheduling all my mandatory “work”, I was able to open up more play time.

How has the 2-Hour Solution been working for you? How was your first experience? What realizations do you have? Feel free to share them below or email me or mention me in a tweet!

Looking forward to what next week’s Solution looks like!

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