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by On July 25, 2012

by Robb on July 23, 2012

I’m pretty much drowning in post-Tour de France articles.  I’ve been reading all about prize lists and contract speculations, who’s prepping for the Olympics and a TON of (wannabe) tech articles.

Then I found this one about American Tejay Van Garderen.

I had to get to the last paragraph of the article to find the hidden gem, but it is in there.  Isn’t it interesting that arguably the “next great American rider” isn’t focusing on how to totally revamp his training or his form or his focus in order to make himself a better Grand Tour rider.  He’s focusing on “those 1% improvements”.

Imagine if you were the “next great (Insert title here)”.  Where are the tiny areas you would focus on improving in order to take yourself to the next level?  Why not do it anyway?