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Video – The Someday Syndrome
by On August 28, 2009

In this video, The Someday Syndrome is presented by former US Congressman and speaking legend Ed Foreman.

The someday syndrome strikes when you constantly are looking to the future to be happy. For instance, “Someday, when I get a raise and that new car, then life is going to be really good.” Or, “Someday, when I get married, I will be happy.”

As a consequence of being afflicted by this syndrome, you forget to enjoy life. You plan to someday, laugh, live and enjoy. There is no guarantee that you will be around tomorrow and there is no way to bring back yesterday.

The only day we can laugh, live and enjoy life is today. Use it wisely!

Be Free!

by On August 21, 2009

FBI agent, Bill Brown, explains how you can use a person’s body language to spot when they are telling you a lie.

They say your eyes are windows to the soul, but they can also indicate if a person is telling you the truth. For instance, if a person you are talking to looks:

Up and to their right – they are telling a lie (if they are right handed)

Up and to their left – they are remember something and probably telling the truth (if they are right-handed)

Switch these two indicators if the person is left-handed.

Other signs a person is lying include:

** Rubbing their neck
** Tapping fingers
** Leaning back in their chair
** Tightly folded hands
** Sitting to the side
** Folding their arms in front of them
** Looking at their watch
** Placing an object between them and you
** Changing the subject tangentially

While they are talking, pay attention to their tone of voice. If it suddenly changes, it is a good indication they just told a lie.

Many of these signs are automatic and cannot be controlled as they are part of the autonomic nervous system.

Be Free!

Video – Seth Godin on the Tribes We Lead
by On August 14, 2009


Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change. He urges us to do so.

Seth is the author of many best selling books on marketing.  Our favorites are:

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us
Permission Marketing
Word of Mouth Marketing
Unleashing the Ideavirus

Be Free!

Video – Top 6 Ways to Get An Angry Customer to Back Down
by On August 7, 2009


Click Here to Watch the Video

1. Apologize

This makes the customer feel heard. Regardless of who was at fault, let your customer know you are sorry for the situation. Studies show that the mere act of apologizing reduces lawsuits.

2. Use Diplomacy

This defuses anger and let’s your customer know you are on their side and you can avoid getting drawn into the drama of the situation.

3. Go into “Computer Mode”

This means you take on the formalities of a computer. Speak without emotion, with an even tone and impartial attitude. This doesn’t allow the customer to feed off your anger and escalate the situation.

4. Ask, “Have I done something to personally upset you?”

This forces the customer to think about the situation and the way they are speaking to you.

5. Show Empathy

This is good for both you and the customer. You start to see the situation from their point of view and helps you from loosing control of your emotions. Some examples are, “That must have been very frustrating for you,” or “If I was in your shoes, I am sure I would feel just as you do.”

6. Show Appreciation

Let the customer know you are happy that they called to point out this situation. That way you can correct it and prevent this from happening in the future.

Be Free!

Video – Author of the Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz
by On July 31, 2009

In this video, Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the book, The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, talks about the legacy we leave for our children, grandchildren and the world.  He speaks on how we can leave a legacy of joy, freedom and love. 

Read a Review of his book by the Freedom Personal Development Staff

Be Free!

By Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements, at

Video – Stephen Covey on Choosing Success
by On July 24, 2009

Click to Watch the Video

7 Habits of Highly Effective People author Stephen Covey on the role choice has in accomplishing and attracting what we want.

Can people truly change? Revinent themselves into more balanced, caring, productive individuals? Stephen Covery says, “Yes!!”

Covey’s first lesson to leaders is thay they are the productive of their own choices.

For instance, when asked, “Are you a product of nature or nurture,” Covey argues that neither is true. In reality, you are a product of your choices. You have the freedom to choose your response to both nature and nurture.

Leaders are not born or made, they are self made.

Be Free!

Video – Jeffrey Gitomer's 10.5 Tips for Sales Success
by On July 17, 2009

Sales Guru, Jeffrey Gitomer, gives his 10.5 step formula for sales success. Plus, he reveals his insights on how to have your best day, everyday.

1 – Wake Up Early – The early bird makes the money
2 – Love What You Do – Love your job it or leave it
3 – Be a Life-Long Student – How many books on selling or your industry did you read last year?
4 – Convert Anger to Resolve – Anger blocks positive and creative thought
5 – Covert Barrier to Break Through – Take every objection (or rejection) and stick at it until you win 
6 – Take Every “No” as a “Not Yet” – You hear with your mind. Gain an attitude that anything is possible.
7 – Watch Little or No Television – Convert TV time to study, preparation or thinking time. Invest your time, don’t spend it.
8 – Read for 20 Minutes Every Morning – Reading allows you to reflect on the ideas of others and immediately convert them to your own success formula. Remember, learn to earn and read to succeed.
9 – Write for 20 Minutes Every Morning – Clarify your thoughts and ideas in writing.
10 – Call the People You Love – Tell them you love them. Love is not motivation, it is inspiration.
10.5 – Tell Yourself You are the Best – You have to believe this before others will believe it.

Be Free!

Video: Tony Robbins – Unlock What’s Stopping You
by On July 10, 2009

In this video, Tony Robbins explains, if you are struggling to hit a goal, it is because you have an inner conflict. Resolving these, will unlock what is holding you back.

For example, you want to have a net worth of $1,000,000, but inside you feel that being wealthy isn’t spiritual.

So how do you resolve a conflict?

  1. Identify the conflict. Ask yourself, what beliefs, goals or values may be in conflict?
  2. Align your life with what you really value. Re-align your psychology so you naturally take action in the direction you want most. Remember, 80% of any success is psychology, only 20% is the mechanics.
  3. Take action. Celebrate your achievements and pay it forward. Take what you learned and teach it to someone else.

Be Free!

Top 10 Videos that will Make You Laugh
by On July 7, 2009

Last month we ran a contest on our blog and asked “what makes you laugh?” We got so many great submissions that we thought we would share the top 10 funny videos to brighten your day.

Remember, laughter is a great attitude management tool. The benefits of a good laugh are endless: it improves your attitude; decreases stress and depression; it is a workout for your abdominal muscles; it increases oxygen to the brain and your muscles; it strengths your immune system; and laughter makes you more attractive.

Here is an interesting fact for you: On average, adults laugh 15 times a day. Children on the other hand, laugh over 400 times a day!!

So let’s up that average with our top 10 videos that will make you laugh:

1. Babies Laughing

2. Funny Animals

3. SNL Skits
Christmas Trees 

4. Funny Commercials
Mountain Dew

5. Dancing
History of Dance
Jim Carrey

6. Clips from TV Shows
Johnny Carson
Johnny Carson with Jack Benny and Mel Blanc

7. Spoofs
Total Eclipse of the Heart

8. Classics
Who’s on First

9. Unlucky People

10. Outtakes

Please post any other funny videos you want to share in the comments section.

Be Free!

Video – Creating an Attitude of a Reverse Paranoid by Jack Canfield
by On June 26, 2009


Jack Canfield discusses the importance of your attitude aka how you CHOOSE to view your world in this video. Being optimistic WILL change your life.  Jack Canfield is the author of the best selling books Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles,

Learn how to become a reverse paranoid, otherwise known as an optimist, who believes the world is plotting to do them good, no matter what their circumstance are. This attitude breeds more good thoughts.

How to practice becoming a reverse paranoid:

1. See obstacles as opportunities to learn, grow and change.

2. Look for the seed of something better even when everything is going wrong. For example, almost everyone sees getting laid off as “bad.” The end of one job always holds the opportunity of a new beginning in a better job. By looking at it this way, you are seeing the situation as a reverse paranoid does.

3. Identity the great benefit in every event.

By following these tips, you will soon see that good fortune is not an accident but something you create with your attitudes.

Be Free!