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Video – What is Success?
by On September 3, 2010

What do you consider to be a success?  It is a provoking question.  In this video, everyday people off the street are asked, “What is success?”

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Video – Inspiration from Failure
by On August 27, 2010

This video shares the failures of famous people before they become great. You can overcome mistakes and you can be great…regardless of how many times you try and fail. These people did.

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Video – Interview with Sir Richard Branson
by On August 20, 2010

British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson talks with Harry Smith (from CBS Sunday Morning) about his journey from dyslexic high school dropout to one of the world’s richest men.

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Video – David Shoup on Memory Training
by On August 13, 2010

Memory trainer David Shoup gives tips on how to remember names and other useful techniques to improve your memory.

You can learn more at the 8-hour Memory Training Workshop and enroll at

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by On August 6, 2010

What traits of future entrepreneurs do children exhibit? Could they be bored in school, unfocused, failing classes and at odds with peers?

These are the questions successful entrepreneur Camron Herold wants to help teachers and parents identify. In doing so, he wants to identify the traits these future business creators have to help groom students to take their passions to solve problems and create jobs.  Enjoy!

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by On July 30, 2010

In this video, stand-up comedian Don McMillan, demonstrates how NOT to use PowerPoint to effectively communicate your message.  From words on the screens, bullets and graphs, he gives new meaning to “Death by PowerPoint.”


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Video – Memory Training on CBS Evening News
by On July 23, 2010

USA Memory Championship winner, Ron White, explains how he remembers information. 


He says to remember anything, you must turn it into an image…..sound familiar Memory Training Workshop graduates?  Ron also uses File, Image and Glue to remember a deck of cards in the exact order, with files being objects in his house.

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Video – Brian Tracy on Goal Setting and You Are What You Think
by On July 16, 2010

Never in human history has it been easier for you to accomplish your goals than it is today. But you can’t reach a goal unless you know what you want in every area of your life.

One of the greatest discoveries is that you become what you think about, most of the time. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Therefore, when you think about what you want and how to get it, you automatically move closer to your goals and your goals move closer to you by the people, resources and ideas you attract into your life.

Put your goals on paper because you cannot hit a target you cannot see. Goal setting is a skill you can learn. Every time you set and achieve a goal you get better and better at it. Start with a small goal and build to bigger and bigger goals.

Video – Tom Hopkins Attitude Is Everything In Selling
by On July 9, 2010

The day you turn into a professional sales person, that is series out about closing sales, is the day you realize that, in selling, attitude is everything. Attitude is not something you can buy – it has to be cultivated from within.

Your excitement for your job and product/service you are selling is what people want to buy. You have to be enthusastic about serving them for your potential customers to want to work with you.

People will say, “Yes! I want to buy what you are selling!” when your conviction, excitement and enthusiasm is genuine. If you do not have that on the inside, you cannot transmit it to your prospects.

In this short video, Tom Hopkins shares with you the steps you need to take to create a winning attitude to be a winning salesperson.

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Video – Stress Relief Tips
by On July 2, 2010

Ever notice your neck and shoulders hurt after a stressful day? You’re probably holding a lot of tension in those muscles. Here are some stress relief tips and exercises for your body after a rough day, from family and lifestyle correspondent Ylonda Caviness.

Stress Relief Tips and Exercises – How to Relieve Stress

Stress not only makes you feel lousy and ill-tempered, it can literally be a killer. It’s important to find outlets for stress relief and identify its sources as well.

First, you must recognize that you are stressed. It’s more than likely just you and not everyone around you who is stressed as that moment. To relieve stress, you need to identify the source of it. Often just your day-to-day tasks can cause a great deal of stress.

Stress Relief Techniques

1. If you are in your car rushing to get somewhere and trying to beat a light, simply stop and let the light catch you. Take deep breaths while sitting at the light and tell yourself “The tension is flowing out of my body.”

2. You can also simply shrug your shoulders and hold it for 4-5 seconds. A lot of tension is held in your shoulders.

3. Listening to music can help relieve stress. Put on some silly music that will allow you to have fun and lighten up.

4. Laughter is the best prescription for stress relief – even try to laugh at yourself.

5. Recognize that its not just you who is stressed out—everyone goes through stressful situations.

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