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Memory Training Success Story
by On January 24, 2011

I love hearing from past graduates of the Memory Training Workshop! I recently received this email and just had to share. If you haven’t taken this class, check out the dates and locations we have around the country. The results you will see after taking this workshop will blow your mind – I guarantee it! Anyways, here is what a client shared with me:

Hi David,

I want to thank you so much for what you taught me at the seminar last month! I have been applying what I learned to a second business I have and have seen amazing results. What used to take days for a new recruit to learn is now taking hours all while having fun, laughing, and creating excitement about learning! With a presentation that is 2.5 hours long, full of detailed information, and very interactive with the customer, the memory training has helped to keep my associates on track, remembering what points they need to cover, and doing it without the anxiety of rote memorization. This has truly helped increase the quality and consistency of our presentation, then number of sales made, and moral for new associates!

Thanks so much!
Jeremy Thompson, Saladmaster, Portland, OR

What a great testimonial! I am so happy Jeremy is bettering his life with these new skills. I hope to see you at a Memory Training Workshop soon.

Be Free!

David Shoup

Memory Training Workshop Testimonials from Madison WI
by On August 26, 2010

Roger SeipI just finished teaching the Memory Training Workshop in Madison, WI and was blown away at how much the attendees enjoyed it – both adults and students. I had a great time instructing the workshop and who wouldn’t given this kind of feedback! Some of the words they used to describe their experience were: Best seminar; Awesome! Motivating! Outstanding; Beneficial; Valuable. I just had to share with you a handful of the testimonials we received.

If you have not attended this workshop, the next class in Wisconsin will be August 25 and 26, 2010 at the Holiday Inn in Appleton and I would love to see you in class. You can enroll online or by phone. We also offer workshops around the country – check out our national workshop schedule for other locations and dates to enrolled.

Here are some of the comments from the Memory Training Workshop:

“Best seminar I have ever been to. Valuable experience I can use in boy my personal and professional life.”

– Anita Carrel, Owner, Farmer’s Insurance

“Wealth of information provided in a way that kept the attention of parents and kids. Training was done in a non-threatening environment and was able to grow and learn at own pace. This is one of the courses that should be taught in school – the younger the better. But a must for people starting their careers. Great job Roger.”

– Eugene Post, VP and Architect, Potter Lawson

“Awesome! Motivating! A great experience. Well worth the time and money. I will use what I learned in both my business and personal life.”

– Chris Morgan, Owner and Financial Advisor, Morgan Wealth Management

“Outstanding program. I wish I could have attended this program 40 years ago. I can only imagine how what I experienced in two sessions may have impacted my life. This has been the most beneficial session that I have attended in several years.”

– Tom Hartman, VP of Operations, MRPC

“Roger was a great instructor. I can benefit and use all of this in school. This class helped me not have such a fear of public speaking. We have a program at school call ‘forensics’ where you have to do a demonstration. I did that last year (7th grade) and was SO nervous each time. Also, before this class I couldn’t remember more than 5 items at a time…Now I can remember the whole tree list, Eddie Munster story, Axe store and more!! I would recommend this class to EVERYONE!”

– Jayde Corley, 8th Grade Student

I look forward to you having the same experience!

Be Free!

Roger Seip

Reading Smart Workshop Testimonials from Bellevue WA
by On August 23, 2010

Here are some of the words people used to describe this workshop – Wow! Extremely impressed! Excellent! Unbelievable!

Last month Tom Weber instructed the Bellevue, WA workshops and people were extremely excited and impressed with the skills they learned. It just fires me up to see so many people improving and benefiting from the Reading Smart Speed Reading Workshop!

The next Bellevue, WA Reading Smart Workshop is January 18 and 19, 2011 and will be held at Coast Bellevue Hotel. Enroll online or by phone 888-233-0407. You can view other dates and locations of the Reading Smart workshop on our website.

Here is what the graduates of the Bellevue, WA workshop had to say:

“This class increased my self confidence when it came to reading and comprehension. I am a better reader than I thought. My beginning score was 240 words per minute with 70% comprehension. My high score was 800 words per minute with 60% comprehension. I feel if I were to slow down just a little my comprehension would increase.”

– Selina Hamilton, Realtor/Broker, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson

“Wow! I can’t believe how much better I am at reading now. The Smart Reading was unbelievable for me! I started reading 265 words per minute and 50 comprehension and ended with Smart Reading in the last test and read 1,200 words per minute with 60% comprehension. I plan to work to develop better comprehension.”

– Lou Whitemarch, Realtor, Windermere

“I came into this workshop thinking I was a slow to average reader. After the first time test I was faster than I thought – 600 words per minute. At one of the testings I had 1,320 words per minute. I have gained personal confidence that I am a fast reader. I enjoyed the techniques on how to read faster. My eyes were tired the second day but ended up still able to read. Will try to retain/comprehend more when I read faster. The class was entertaining and very helpful.”

– Susan Wright, Underwriter, Bellingham Underwriters

“The background Tom has in learning and current information that people can use to impact their lives is huge. As a student of many similar types of things, I caught them throughout the class. Not soap box, but seeds planted. Not ever knowing where they will bloom or flower, and planting anyways as a part of his commitment. Tom would be a successful person I would ask for a reading list of most impactful books.”

– Laura Unruh, Loan Officer, Home Street Bank

“I am extremely impressed with the skills I have ended with. I am excited to continue to practice and keep improving these techniques. Thanks you so much for doing this presentation. Blessings to you and your family.”

– Michelle Swanson, Realtor, Windermere

“Great program. Keep up the good work! I am in 9th grade and in 3 ½ hours I have learned more on reading skills then I have in 3 months.”

– Jakob Chase, Student

“The balance between information and activity was excellent. The very specific examples to support general statements were especially good. Breaking things up with breaks and group work was good. My only suggestion is to tell people ahead of time to bring a piece of non-fiction.”

– Marji Morgan, Dean and Professor, Central Washington University

And those are just a few of the comments this workshop received! What you could do if you could read faster?

Learn more about this class and enroll on our website. Hope to see you in class soon.

Be Free!

David Shoup
Speaker in Bellevue, WA

Speed Reading Workshop Testimonials from Allentown, PA
by On July 14, 2010

My good friend, Leah Simpson, taught the Reading Smart Speed Reading Workshop in Allentown June 8 and 9 and did a fantastic job!  The attendees at the workshop agreed and I wanted to share their thoughts and results.  Many people more than doubled their reading speed AND increased their comprehension.  What a great class! 

The next Reading Smart Workshop in Allentown, PA will be October 26 and 27, 2010 at the Four Points by Sheraton Allentown Airport.  If you have not yet reserved your seat, please enroll today (online or by phone 888-233-0407) – space is limited.

Workshop Testimonials:

“Starting words per minute = 265 with comprehension at 70%. Ending words per minute = 800 with comprehension at 70%. I think the session was great. This was always on my ‘life skills’ list so I’m glad I can check it off. I look forward to reading more because I will be motivated to do so. Thank you.”
Steve Hartenstine, Agency Manager, Allstate DeMario Agency

“Really enjoyed this training. This is one of those ‘ah-ha’ fundamentals that almost everything in my personal and professional development can be built on. Thank you for teaching me! I look forward to reading much more. Start = 170 words per minute at 60% comprehension (with serious regression and daydreaming.) End = 480 words per minute with 70% comprehension. With the reading smart method of skimming, 1,200 words per minute with 40% comprehension (tried to push myself.)”
Jarred M. Nelson, President, Commercial Capitol Group Inc.

“This 7 hour class helped me realize that there are no limits to my reading ability. I have improved my words per minute from 480 to almost 1,000 words. This blows my mind. Thank you for all of your time and instructions.”
Alex Shuey, Student

Be Free!

Matthew Goerke
Speaker in the Allentown, PA area

Memory Training Workshop Testimonials from Bellevue, WA
by On June 28, 2010

I just finished teaching the Memory Training Workshop in Bellevue, WA and just had to share with you the comments graduates of the workshop gave!

If you have not attended this workshop, the next class in Washington State will be November 2 and 3 and would love to see you in class. We also offer workshops around the country – check out our national workshop schedule and get enrolled today!

“This class was great. The day I took this class I had to take my federal Loan Officer exam and I passed. This class taught me how to use my mind and my memory to help me remember banking guidelines and even changing policies. Thank you for the great class.”
– Michael Frazien, Sr. Mortgage Banker, Guild Mortgage Company

“David taught a very informative and engaging class. It is one of the best classes I have taken in a long time. I will use the information taught in my daily life. Practical information that can be used in a practical way.”
– Burton Hill, Associate Broker, Coldwell Banker Bain

“I am taking a linguistics course in a few weeks and I think some of the things we covered will help to recall those pesky scientific terms. Thanks!”
– Chris Jenkins, Student, UW

“This has been truly amazing, empowering and informative! The format was great and David did a truly great job, engaging yet humorous. Time well worth investing. I look forward to dazzling my ‘peeps’ with my new memory skills!”
– Renee Gourlie-Moore, Loan Officer, Legacy Group

“I was blessed to have my employer pay for me to take this training. Although I did not invest my own personal funds, I invested myself truly in the workshop and feel that I have learned VALUABLE tools that will serve me (and my boss!) well in our business, as well as in my personal life. I admit to having some skepticism about my own ability, and I will be leaving amazed at what I’m now able to remember! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve felt that I’ve been ‘losing my memory’. I feel now that not only am I ‘getting it back’ I think it will be better than ever! I’m looking forward to exercising my mind with these tools so I won’t lose them. THANK YOU!!”
– Melinda Ryan, Administrative Assistant, RE/MAX Northwest

Hope to see you at the next workshop!

Be Free!

David Shoup

Client Feedback on the Memory Training Workshop
by On June 7, 2010

I had a blast teaching the Memory Training Workshop last month in Anaheim, CA. Who wouldn’t have fun seeing the workshop’s attendants increase their memories over 300% and remember a room full of names?

I wanted to share some client testimonials I received from these recent graduates on their experience:

“This has been an amazing experience. I feel more confident in storing information and being a more effective speaker in our office meetings. Chuck was an awesome speaker and teacher. Very fun and exciting two days.”

– Mai Hua, Manager, Professional Tutors of America

“I sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm! It’s OBVIOUS you love what you do!”

– Victor Williams, Regional Vice President, Primerica Financial SErvices

“These two days were wonderful – great instruction – very motivating. Worth the time and money. Being away from the officer for two days is hard to do, but this was time well spent. Thank you!”

– Sonnie Faires, President / CEO, Upland Chamber of Commerce

“I had a great time, learned a lot and really feel like I have improved my memory, or system for memory, 10 fold!”

– Siama Ahmed, Realtor, Blackstone Realty

“My husband decided to sign our family up for this class without talking to me first. Of course I was skeptical that this class would help me, being that I consider myself to have a very poor memory.

Well – I have been very surprised on how wonderful this class has been for my family. For me to remember 15 out of 20 items, what a shock! My son has an extremely short attention span, but soaked up this newfound information. I feel it will be a great help in his schoolwork and has opened my eyes to that he must be more of a visual learner.

Thanks again for this wonderful workshop!!”

– Sarah Jacobson

“It was a great experience, learned stuff that my teachers would have never thought of.”

– Jerry Beas, Student

Have you attended the Memory Training Workshop? If so, share your thoughts with a comment below. If you haven’t, you are missing out! Here are the guarantees of our Memory Training Workshop:

1. Experience a 300% increase in your ability to recall information.
2. Remember a list of 50 unrelated items forwards, backwards and in and out of order.
3. Develop the ability to deliver presentations without notes.
4. Be able to meet 20 new people and remember all of their names within an hour.

These workshops take place all over the country. View our National Workshop Schedule for one in your area and enroll online or by phone 888-233-0407

Be Free!

Chuck Douglas

Memory Training even Better the 2nd Time
by On March 31, 2010

memory trainingIf you have taken the Memory Training Workshop, you know how exciting and amazing it is (and if you have not attended, what are you waiting for! Get enrolled.)

People often attend for a second time and cannot believe how much MORE they enjoyed it and learned.

Considering what people say after taking the workshop once, I did not think it was possible to love the workshop even more, but here are two recent graduate’s testimonials as proof.

If you have already attended the Memory Training Workshop and would like to attend again, please call 888-233-0407 to reserve your seat at no charge.

“This is my second time taking this workshop. It is still the best, most useful seminar, workshop, boot camp, etc that I have ever attended. I have gotten more out of this than all my other courses combined. I highly recommend it to everyone!”

– Annie Trajlinek, President, New England Real Estate Investors Association

“I attended the class for a second time so I could attend with my daughter. It really reinforced the skills I learned the first time and I was amazed at how much I had really remembered. One thing I observed that I missed before was Roger’s [the instructor] style of positive reinforcement. That was so effective in taking the pressure off the exercises and how well the students preformed. That was an excellent method to take the stress off your memory.”

Karen Miller, Office Manager, A & J Specialty Services

Be Free!

More information on the Memory Training Workshop

Actual Client Success Rates with Reading Smart Workshop
by On March 17, 2010

speed_reading-01Our newest workshop, Reading Smart, has been receiving rave reviews from around the country. Professional, parents and students alike are increasing their reading speeds AND maintaining, or increasing, their comprehension. Here are some recent testimonials and actual before and after reading speeds. Numbers don’t lie!

From High School Senior, Rebecca Lenz:

“I hated to read because of how slow of a reader I was. After taking this workshop, I now am not dreading reading. My WPM [words per minute] has improved tremendously and I’m still comprehending what I’m reading. It’s amazing what this workshop has done for me.”

From the VP of Mack Investment, Ed Gjertsen II

“This was a great learning opportunity. It will greatly increase my ability to get through my reading. Brining my wife and school age children was a great move. While very good students to begin with, the tips and techniques they learned will allow them to excel in a very competitive academic environment.”

Actual Before and After Reading Speeds and Comprehension

After attending the Reading Smart Workshop, people are more than DOUBLING their reading speeds. Even at these sound barrier breaking speeds, tons of people have INCREASED their comprehension – check out these numbers:

Started at: 400 WPM with 70% comprehension
Ended at: 800 WPM with 60% comprehension
– Adam Heaney, Emery Financial

Started at: 160 WPM with 60% comprehension
Ended at: 240 WPM with 90% comprehension
– Rodney Jacobson

Started at: 265 WPM with 60% comprehension
Ended at: 600 WPM with 80% comprehension
– Gail Bush, HR Director, Power Genix

Started at: 200 WPM with 60% comprehension
Ended at: 480 WPM with 80% comprehension
– Lisa Heaney

Started at: 240 WPM with 50% comprehension
Ended at: 800 WPM with 60% comprehension
– Debbie Rodriguez, Account Manager, Old Republic Title

Started at: 240 WPM with 80% comprehension
Ended at: 800 WPM with 90% comprehension
– Nancy Early

Started at: 240 WPM with 90% comprehension
Ended at: 600 WPM with 60% comprehension
– Anonymous

Be Free!

For more information on the Reading Smart Workshop, call us at 888-233-0407