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Elevate Your State and Achieve Results
by On November 6, 2012

by Ron Ross, CCIM

In our business as commercial real estate brokers, success is dependent on the ability to achieve results on behalf of our clients. In fact, in the world of commission based sales, we only get paid when the desired result is achieved. So, how do you manage to stay at the top of your game — whether the business of real estate or something else? I’m going to share with you some ideas that I’ve been fortunate enough to have learned from Eric Plantenberg of Freedom Personal Development. Through implementation of these personal development principles and practices, I have been able to consistently provide the highest level of service to my clients. As a member of a company implementing these principals, we strive daily to “elevate our state.”

The Anatomy of Results is comprised of the interaction of the following components:

1. Intention

2. State

3. Action

Another way of illustrating this is Intention x State x Action = Results.

In order to create a result one must have an intention, a goal, a direction. Most of us are well aware of the importance of setting goals. In addition to goals we have daily intentions. For example, my intention is to go to the store, or my intention is to sell a building. This intention must be combined with state and action to achieve the desired result. We know what an action is, but what exactly is “state?”

State is “state of mind” or well-being. It is your spiritual, emotional and mental condition at any given time. Emotional, mental and spiritual state has huge impacts on the body’s physical condition and ability to perform.

How important is your state when trying to achieve results, really? Many believe that intention and action should be the focus. We all know that actions really are what make things happen. Right? Not so fast. If you ever have the opportunity to be around the highest performing people, whether that be in sports, real estate, business, music, art, medical, or any other endeavor — you will receive a far different answer. Peak performers will almost always tell you that by far the most important component of that equation is state. State is so important in fact that most high achievers are sure that state is responsible for around 65% – 70% of their performance results, leaving intention and action each with between 10 – 20%.

If that is true then why do most of us focus the majority of our time, efforts and energy on actions and in many cases almost completely ignore working on state? Maybe we are missing the boat. I contend that if we focused the majority of our resources and energy on elevating our state, we would be quite pleasantly surprised at the results.

So how do we elevate our state? Lets discuss a few things you can do.

Manage your brain input.

There are literally millions of sources of information, bytes, data, emotions, people, etc., that bombard our brain daily. Pay attention to what goes in. Are TV and newspapers good input to elevate your state? Headline examples from this morning’s local paper — “Victim in park identified,” “Arrest made in killing,” “Medical pot grower gets 1o years,” “Argument ends in stabbing,” “Republicans Accuse Democrats.” It goes on. Do you think this is good input for your state? Rethink your morning. Is reading the newspaper a good way to start your day? The same obvious answer also applies to television, and other forms of the mainstream media.

Manage what goes into your brain daily. Start your day with something positive and inspirational. Watch the sunrise, do yoga, read something inspirational (rethink your newspaper), listen to music (classical music is particularly effective for elevating your state). The way you start your day is enormously important and will impact the entire day either positively or negatively.

Surround yourself with people that are good for your state.

You really need to eliminate or at least mitigate the impact that negative and destructive people have on you. Sometimes that can be difficult, but if you elevate your state that could be the best thing that could happen for people around you. Spend time with top performers and others that lift your state. You know who they are! In a sales environment, try to sit near or socialize with fellow top producers.

Manage your physical input.

This one is self evident. It simply means to take care of your physical body. Be very aware and cognizant as to what goes in. This means, of course, food, water, and other substances. We all know what should go in there and what shouldn’t. Focus on it. It is important to elevating your state.

When I am facing a particularly challenging commercial real estate assignment, I define my intentions and necessary actions, and then spend the vast majority of my energy and time on elevating my state. It works. You will be amazed at the results you can achieve by focusing less on actions and more on state.

This is only a start. There are so many things we can do to elevate our state. I hope to share some of these ideas with you on future blogs. In the meantime if this has piqued your interest, please click here for a TEDx talk on the subject by Eric Plantenberg, CEO and founder of Freedom Personal Development.

Ron Ross, CCIM is a principal broker with Compass Commercial Real Estate Services in Bend, OR

gratitude in the everyday
by On September 5, 2012

Posted August 30th, 2012 at 2:44 pm by Karen from Chookooloonks

My friend Jyl Pattee wrote a post today about gratitude being the key to a happy life — and I couldn’t agree more.  I’ve mentioned before that I think that gratitude is imperative to finding joy in your life, and for getting through the hard times.  But to be honest, it can be difficult, even for me, to find something new to be grateful for every day.  Can you imagine? Think of the pressure of having to create something new every single day of your life to be thankful for? I’m tired just thinking about it.

Instead, I admit it: I’m often thankful of the same things over, and over, and over again.  This week, my daughter has returned to school, which means that our lives have returned to the normal routine that flows in our house pretty much every single day for 9 months.  And I have to say, as boring as this sounds, I’m very grateful for routine. I’m grateful for the comfort and sense of stability it provides.  My life might be mundane to most, but it’s my life, and my family, and we’ve worked hard to create the little rituals that bring us peace every day.  For example, I’m grateful for:

  • my morning cup of tea (sweetened over-enthusiastically with honey)
  • turning on my twinkle lights in my office weekday mornings — signifying it’s time to get to work
  • reading the classics to Alex when she gets home from school (this is actually assigned homework from her teacher!)
  • journaling with Alex
  • witnessing Alex’s growing habit of reading in bed to herself before lights-out every night
  • and Friday night movie night

You see, I’m of the opinion that mundane habits like this — this little rituals that we create for ourselves — are what make for a happy life.  And I hope that this helps my daughter have grateful memories of her childhood, despite how un-extraordinary all of these little events are.

How about you — what is it about your everyday that you’re grateful for?



Post Number One
by On September 4, 2012

by Eric Plantenberg on September 3, 2012

Most people lack energy and focus.

This isn’t because they are low energy or unfocused by nature… they simply aren’t as clear about WHY they are doing what they are doing, and that can be a huge drain.

I’m a big fan of clarifying WHY i do things.

I do what i do because i deeply believe that when one person lives their life in a way that fills them from the inside out, the entire world becomes a brighter place.

That’s my motive behind creating this site.  To create a space where each week, we can both continue to shine a little brighter from the inside out.   Where energy and focus can become the normal way of things rather than an illusive experience for other people.

I’m guessing if you are reading this you’ve been to a live event with me, or at least heard about the workshops and retreats i put on.  This is a terrific place for you and me to keep the work that we did in a live class alive and to stay connected with each other.   Fundamentally what’s going to happen on this page is  a discussion that supports you in clarifying what’s most important in your life and how to really live from that place of clarity.  What you can expect to see posted here fall into three categories:

  1. Inspirational/eduction videos.    I love short, powerful videos and will be sharing my favorites and creating some that i hope will be fun and uplifting.
  2. Articles.  Everything from notes on books i’m reading, to experiences i’m learning from, to observations and perspectives i have along the way.  I’ll be using this space to publicly answer a lot of the questions that are sent my way.  And as a vehicle to share with you the things i find most valuable in my world.
  3. Keeping up with my live events. As much as i love the internet, videos, article, and the way they shoot around planet instantaneously; i still believe that the most powerful & transformational human growth happens when people can look each other in the eyes.  So… from time to time you’ll hear about events i’m putting on (new and old) with the intention of making them both available for lots of people to attend (it’s hard to make the event when you don’t know when & where!) and to share the experience as best as possible to those that didn’t make it.

People that work on themselves, however they do it… fill their heart and soul in a way that get’s better results for them and inspires that rest of us that are anywhere near them.

Concepts like Passion, Purpose, Vision, Service, Commitment, etc can be foundational to your life’s direction or they can be a cliche that is posted alongside a pretty picture in the office hallway.

I believe that a community of people that are committed to growing from the inside out will see all sorts of goodness show up in their lives as a by-product of taking the time to go inside of themselves and see what’s really true and important for them.

In my experience, the end result isn’t really where the fun happens.  The fun happens along the way.

So… welcome to this site.  I really hope you enjoy this experience as much as you have enjoyed live classes with me.  I know that i’m here to have a blast and to watch the entire world become a little brighter.. from the inside out.  Please leave a post saying ‘hi’ – let me know how you like the videos linked in this post and let your voice shine by suggesting where you would like this discussion to go.

be free!

Language Lift ^~~^
by On August 23, 2012

by MARKTARP on APRIL 5, 2012

Have you fully realized this aspect of our human freedom?  You & I have 100% choice in every word we speak and write (and think) … step back and breathe in the power of this reality.  Since this is true, no matter what we’ve been taught in schools or absorbed in conditioning through society (family, friends, colleagues) as “standard” or “proper”, We Each Have Ultimate Selection over The Language We Use Daily …

… knowing this, then Why Not Gift Ourselves A “Language Lift” >> through changing from how we’ve “always” or “typically” expressed ourselves, to using language which uplifts us and allows us and others better feeling(s)?

Here’s an example I’ve recently employed in my own life AROUND THE WAY I SEE AND RELATE TO CONTRAST >>

… I’ve turned away from using the word “but”, and instead I substitute either the word (a) “still” or (b) “yet” … WHY? … because, for me, “but” feels like an energy of resistance (which could feel subtle or strong energetically, depending on my attitude at the time), and now in my life I realize there’s nothing in this abundant world of choices that I need resist, since I can always simply turn toward and then choose what I want.

(a)        When I employ “still”, I receive 2 powerful energetic reminders … (1) it reminds me to notice “STILLness” in space where I can breath and make a choice that serves me well, (2) it feels for me that what I’m turning away from can be allowed “to be” without its existence affecting me, and this honors the beneficial existence of our ever expanding choices … knowing that what I’ve turned from may actually feel wonderful for someone else (which is the essence and beauty of “diversity”).

(b)        When I employ “yet”, this gives me the feeling of “carefree knowing” or “it’s no big deal” in relation to whatever I’ve been facing which wasn’t particularly what I like or want (since I’m free to choose what feels better).  Also, the “Y” shape which begins the word, reminds me of simply another “fork in the road” at this moment, where I’m in complete freedom to choose … perhaps, in this relaxed mindset, another path which I hadn’t “Yet” imagined may then appear … and it often does in my STILLness haaa!!

It’s a big wonderful game, our language(s) life, and you can play it however you like, communicating effectively while creating better feeling(s) >> in turn, those we share life with receive better feeling(s) too.  Trust yourself guided by your highest inner feeling, choosing your words creatively.  Big Love, Mark **

Lose Some Weight
by On August 22, 2012

If you are looking for a caloric weight loss plan, you’re on the wrong site. There are a billion places for advice on losing physical weight. Good Luck.


I am talking about emotional and energetic weight. I believe all of us have used these expressions once or twice;

“I felt a ton of weight lifted off me!”

“I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.”

I recall saying these things when I had a ton of work to do. When I felt I had a ton of responsibility or tasks to do. Maybe when we feel like there might not be enough hours in the day. Why do we have these expressions?? I have been thinking about this…

Well the good news is, I believe this weight is much easier to lose than physical weight (in my experience at least). I have had a couple of experiences lately that have made a profound impact on my ability to be free from this emotional/mental baggage. Taking responsibility.

I’ve never really been scared of confrontation – it’s not fun – but I don’t run from it. In the past couple of weeks I had a couple of significant confrontations, both of which were painful. Mud was thrown from both sides, blame was pointed, and emotions were high. Ok…I guess you could call them fights.

A couple of days after these heated discussions, I did something I have never done before. I wrote an email to both parties taking full responsibility. No fingers pointed, no explaining my position, or telling the other how they made me feel. No other intention than taking full responsibility for my role and cleaning up my side of the street. What they did is none of my business. My business is being as mature and graceful as I can (as a fiery redhead anyway). My business, is all I have control over.

After I wrote those emails, I finally understood those statements. I had more energy, I had an internal presence of joy, I had more confidence, I was motivated – the difference was AMAZING. My ability to do “the right thing” has been effortless lately. The state of forgiveness and humility is like a muscle – it gets stronger when you use it.

Telling someone you are sorry for snapping at them – might be something you would normally just sweep under the rug. What would the world be like if we just cleaned it up? Admitting you were wrong. Taking responsibility for not working hard enough. Taking responsibility for breaking a promise. Saying sorry for saying something mean.

Admittance, vulnerability, openness and humility are beautiful qualities in my eyes. Cleaning up your side gives these qualities color. Not only that, but there is a ripple effect. WIN.

TRY IT. Today, tomorrow, definitely this week….try it on.

You cannot release weight until you have the courage to admit that we all have a role, and we create our lives. There might be prices to pay in your eyes for making these concessions – it might feel scary, maybe some guilt involved, hard on the old pride….perhaps. Freedom from that energetic weight and knowing you took the high road…..PRICELESS.