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Finding Time to be Silent
by On February 11, 2013

I find so much goodness in simply being silent.  Here is a quick video i shot on the beach watching the sun rise.

Video Link

One of my favorite quotes is “The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.” Paulo Coelho

Finding some time to be silent each day is about as simple as it gets and the results ARE extraordinary.

Here are some fun benefits you can look forward to by simply being silent each day:

A. More Creativity – Many pieces of research are showing how different types of mindfulness and meditation practices are clearly linked to improved creativity and better problem solving skills. I know anecdotally, that this is true for me.

B. Health Benefits – I’m the first to point out that maintaining optimal health does NOT have one magic cure-all. The majority of the western, alternative and homeopathic physicians are certainly in agreement that heightened stress comes with health challenges. Taking some quiet time to relax and ‘do nothing’ has tremendous ability to lower stress. This might take a little time and practice. Occasionally someone tells me “every time that I sit in silence for 5 minutes, all I think about is all the things I’m not getting done right now and I become more stressed than I was before!” Zoiks huh? If you are in that situation – you might REALLY benefit from getting good at getting still once and a while, and it might take some practice. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

C. Better Communication Skills – A consistent practice of being silent will not only make you a better listener … but it will also sharpen your ability to speak clearly. By getting good a remaining silent (and make no mistake this is a skill) you will have more control and focus over where you mind travels. This is a critical part of being able to ‘think on your feet’ and will help you to organize your thoughts into succinct points which are readily understood.

Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try.” That is certainly the case with this. Set an intention to find some time this week to do nothing and notice all the goodness that bring to you.

be free!


What to Do When the &^%# Hits the Fan
by On January 14, 2013

Consistent successful results come with their fair share of challenges.

Some people may look like they don’t have challenges and obstacles, but the reality is that everyone encounters pitfalls.

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Here are a couple of Do’s and Dont’s that you can simply apply to your next bump in the road.

Don’t Blame Other People or Make Excuses

Someone MAY be to blame!  You might have a perfectly legitimate excuse.  Your blame and excuses aren’t going to help you get a better result, they simply pacify you from feeling uncomfortable.

Don’t Ignore Your Problems or Sweep Them Under the Rug

Sometimes you need to have difficult conversations.  Sometimes you need to take actions that aren’t fun or comfortable.

Ignoring your feelings when you are angry or sad isn’t going to fix anything.  At best you are just delaying the problem.  At worst you are letting your negative energy build and become worse.

Take the high road and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

What to Do?

Look for the Good in the Situation

There is good to be found in any situation, so matter how difficult it may be.  This may not be easy and it might not be available for you see immediately.  When you look back at even the most challenging moments in your life, you can find how that situation lead to something good.  You can see how it fostered your growth and made you stronger.  You don’t have to wait years to pass to find the good.

Take Action

The old saying that “action cures fear” holds a lot of truth.  Especially when a solution isn’t readily visible, taking action will help focus your mind on things other than the problem at hand.

Be Grateful

You can’t be negative AND grateful at the same time.  By sincerely looking at other areas in your life that ARE working, at the very least, you will balance the challenging situations that you might be facing.

Start with the obvious and the easy to find.  Your family.  Your health.  Your work or friends.  Whatever fills you with gratitude is an immediate boost to your energy and allows you more power to go chase after your existing challenges.  If you are really stuck – this video will help!

None of these suggestions are rocket-science. I also imagine you’ve heard these suggestions before.  This is not a question of do you know this stuff – it’s all about are you doing it?!?

Be Free!


Your Story About You
by On January 7, 2013

Everyone has a story about themselves.

In fact, you have many stories about yourself.  You are good as this… Bad at that… Love this… Don’t like that…

Nothing influences your experience more than the story you tell you about you.

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Most people don’t know how to identify which of those stories are serving them, and which are not.

Your story of yourself is ALWAYS a story of the past or the future; oftentimes it’s of both.

It is a great thing if your story is positive and constructive. I’m always on time.  People can count on me. I’m good with computers. etc   That self identification is terrific, because it brings you into situations with self confidence and the picture of a good outcome.

The problem is that not all of your stories serve you.

I’m not good with money.  I have a terrible diet. I make decisions out of fear. I’m not a disciplined person. I’m not good at sales. etc

There are two things that help me to identify and overcome stories like these.

1. If you want to find your harmful stories, start by looking for your negative statements. Catching yourself saying negative things is an invaluable skill. For me, as soon as i realize what I’ve said, I grab a piece of paper and write it down. When it’s on paper,  it is no longer personal.  I can look at what I’ve said as an observer and see what is true for me.

2.  Understand ALL stories are a story of the past or the future. When you say anything about yourself, you are either referencing something that has already happened or that you are picturing in the future.  Whether something happened a second ago, hour ago or ten years ago; it is in the past.  The past is over.  Observe the difference between I am not good a speaking in public  and In the past, I have not been good at speaking in public.   The sooner continues into the future and seems like a matter of fact (of course it is NOT a fact unless you want it to be) and the later is more true, and it  leaves the future open to possibly.

This will sound very simplistic to some, but it’s not.  The fix for this takes work.  Sometimes lots of it.  There is no pill for self-awareness.  And even once you are aware of the story that isn’t true or isn’t serving you it takes a conscious effort to make that shift.

Certainly, that effort is worthwhile.  As i mentioned in the video, grabbing out a pen and paper and writing some of these stories down is a terrific starting point.

be free!


PS  Here is a list of stories that I have had about me that have not served me.  I find that making them public also neutralizes them and takes their power away.  These things may have been true in the past.  They may be true in the future and then they may not!

I’m not detail oriented

I’m hard on people

I can’t sing

I’m hard on my body

I never get enough sleep

I’m bad a math

I’m a bad writer

I don’t get technology

I’m a terrible boyfriend

I’m too competitive

I’m not creativ

I’m an extremist

Post some of your thoughts  and see what happens.

Dump your New Year Resolutions & Create Amazing Goals for the New Year
by On December 31, 2012

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to set some clear intentions and get a fresh start on creating some positive momentum in areas that may need it.

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Unfortunately, many people kick off the year with DE-motivating plans… This is easy to avoid

Don’t set a New Years Resolution

It’s unlikely that you will follow-through, and when you bail, you’ll feel worse than when you started.

Don’t focus on the time-frame of your ‘yearly’ goals

Focusing on your time-frame will limit your true capacity.  And it’s a recipe for loosing energy if you find yourself behind in your progress.

DO set a specific goal and then chase after it!  Monitor your progress (I like using a thermometer on the wall) and know that you will accomplish your goal exactly on time.  If it takes a little longer than you’d ideally like – at least you got there!  And chances are you’ll surpass what you thought possible.

DO create a fun and positive challenge.  More effective than a resolution is a commitment to make a change in your habit.  Here is a great example of how i do that.  It’s a win/win when you decide to do something for 30 consecutive days.  Pick something that is meaningful to you and don’t worry if it seems too big or too small.

Have a happy New Year!  I’m looking forward to hearing all of your success stories throughout 2013.

be free!


Navigating God
by On December 3, 2012

by Eric on December 2, 2012

Life has it’s way of offering up “curve balls” now and then.

One of my favorite sayings is that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you make of it.


When things go wrong it’s easy to think that the Universe is conspiring against you… What if it was exactly the opposite?  What if there is some cosmic conspiracy, but in fact, it’s all happening for your benefit.

I think one of the most important questions to have a very clear and present answer to is… “Is the Universe Kind?”  My answer is clearly yes.  I know that belief is supportive in helping create forward progress in my life.

If your answers to that question is “NO…”  I’d invite you to see if that perspective is really helping you create a life that you are thrilled with.

Either way … i’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

be free!


ps… for more information about Byron Katie head to

Happy Monday Friend!
by On November 5, 2012

One of the fastest ways to kill your momentum is to avoid a problem that you have with someone close to you.

Road blocks and pitfalls are a natural part of relationships.  They happen at work.   In marriages.  With friends.  Any meaningful relationship is bound to have conflict from time to time.

When and how you address your challenges can be the difference between a deeper, more authentic connection that propels your forward and being totally stuck.

Video Link

This topic to such a big deal to me that i’m putting together a 6 month contest with the winner receiving a free ticket to the Abundant Living Retreat.

How the contest works is simple. Post your story about where a difficult conversation in your life turned out to be a beneficial experience for you and the other person (or people) involved. This can be something recent or from your past. Posting your story allows you to reconnect to the positive outcome & can help you to make that a positive pattern in your life. It also can provide inspiration to others who may be hesitant to make the conversation happen. And winning a $5,000 retreat would be cool too!

Only posts on the blogsite (no Facebook or emails) from November 2012 to April 2013 will be entered. The Freedom Personal Development staff will pick the top 6 finalists and you will vote for the top winner in May 2013.

If you’ve found this topic beneficial, please take the time to share it with others … and post your thoughts and questions as well as your stores.  I’m looking forward to reading them all.

be free!




Happy Monday
by On October 15, 2012

Most people can relate to being overwhelmed.  Too much to do.  Not enough time.  When this happens too often or for too long, you eventually overdue it.

Overdoing it isn’t a huge problem.  How you respond to overdoing is where you will turn it around or spin out into a negative cycle.

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And don’t forget – today is your last day to enter your post of the October Failing Forward contest, get your posts up!

be free!


My fall public schedule is set, I’d love to see you!

Vancouver B.C November 3rd

Orlando, FL  November 10th

Bend, OR  November 13th

Los Angeles, November 17th

Sacramento, December 1st

Toronto ON,  December 8th

Wisconsin,  December 15th

Happy Monday Contest (on Friday) – Failing Forward
by On October 5, 2012

by Eric

Successful people are action oriented.  As cliche as this is, it is TRUE that successful people FAIL much more than unsuccessful people. When you shift your relationship with failure so that it becomes a GOOD thing so that it triggers the understanding that you have just successfully figured out what doesn’t work and be OK with that, you are much more likely to continue taking actions in a way that that creates the wonderful outcomes that you desire.

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For example,  recently i failed to keep my streak of only saying positve or neutral things going.  Twenty four days towards my 30 day goal and i was back to day one I wasn’t thrilled about it when it happened.  Not at all. Then minutes later, all of the crazy critical thoughts running through my mind got their navigational bearing and did a 180 degree turn.

I began seeing the benefit in the failure and all of a sudden it was a good thing.  Contrast that with me never attempting this challenging task in the first place!

This weeks assignment is fun and hopefully rewarding and now that you have my permission it might not even take much courage. Simply go out and FAIL – go out and try a bunch of stuff that you are not sure you’ll be able to get done, and get excited about all of the times that you strike out, fall on your face and DON’T get it done.

The first monday of each month i’m going to have a Happy Monday CONTEST. This weeks contest is simple.  Post a story or a video describing where you failed big time recently and why it was a good thing.  Posts must be made on this page, facebook or personal email will not be entered in the contest.

I will be picking the top four finalists out of all the comments that were posted by October 15th and then you will vote for who is the biggest winner for going out and failing. Who ever wins receives a personal coaching session with me and all finalists will receive two tickets to one of my live one day events.

Most importantly, EVERYONE who can reframe what failure really  is wins big time  – step out of your comfort zone, have fun coming up short and post your experience!

be free!


Happy Monday
by On September 24, 2012

Your plans work out sometimes … and sometimes they don’t.  The ability to go with the flow and make adjustments in your mental picture – while remaining grateful is a critical component of getting great results and having fun along the way.

Watch Video

Michelle shares some of her experiences having life not go as planned – and how to make the best of any situation.

Going with the flow and being grateful for any and all situations can be easy to get theoretically… KNOWING  that what you need is what is showing up in your life and living from that awareness is more challenging – and more rewarding.

Here are two practical ways that you can shift any situation from the stress of your plans not happening as you pictured to something you are truly grateful for:

1.  Write down at least three reasons why the situation you are in is a good thing.  Why is it good for you?  For others?  For the world in general?  Actually write them down … my experience is that writing down is much more real and powerful than only thinking about them.

2.  Take time to breath.  Five or more conscious breaths will calm the mind.  Oxygenate the body and reduce stress inside and out.   Stressful thoughts manifest in the body very quickly.  By breathing the mind and the body get a break … space is created and gratitude can fill that space.

Have a terrific week.  I’m excited for all of your plans to work out just as planned!  And i’m equally excited for them not to!!

be free!