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How To Achieve At Lighting Speed.
by On February 6, 2011

A man as asked what has led to his recent successes, he said that it all boils down to me being absolutely, positively and utterly OBSESSED! Completely OBSESSED in achieving the few desires that I have currently.  I am OBSESSED when I am attracting the right clients, I am OBSESSED when I am sticking to my schedule, I am OBSESSED when I am going over word tracks and scripts to help my delivery become more polished and smoother.  I am OBSESSED in my “Burning Desire” to help others improve their life and business.  I am absolutely, positively and utterly OBSESSED in achieving the few desires that I have currently!!


What does OBSESSED actually mean?  No need for the actual definition here, OBSESSED could be the highest level of wanting to achieve something.  When we are thinking about nothing else, when we are tuned out to everything else, when we are focused on one or a couple desires and/or wants happening in our lives. What happens is that you instantly start to attract more thoughts and situations that feed your obsession.  It gets bigger and bigger and bigger.  The vibrating energy that is YOU becomes larger than life, every hour, every minute, every second.

Most of the wealthiest individuals now and throughout history have had this quality.  They progressed through the “highly motivated”, the “driven”, the “focused on goals” feelings and became completely OBSESSED with achieving what they desire.

Simple concept, nothing more.

His priorities are in line in an OBSESSED manner.  First and foremost is his family, then his career, his health, then money.  Money comes much easier when the first 3 are in line.

Couple quick lessons from OG Mandino.

1. There is no room in the market place for my family, nor is there room for my home in the market place.  Each I will divorce from the other and thus I will remain wedded to both.  Separate must they remain or my career will die.

2. I will ACT NOW!  This may sound great to you, so what.  What will YOU do now?

Be Free!

Alan Mong

Top 10 Tips for Budgeting and Reaching Financial Freedom
by On July 13, 2010

Today’s top 10 list doesn’t reveal earth shatter tips, BUT it does pose an important questions  – How many of these action items are you ACTUALLY doing?  

Be (financially) Free! 
If you look at your bank account and wonder where all the money went, or swore you paid a bill and now you are told you are past due, you may have a budget problem or no budget at all.

This is not something that is taught in our traditional public education system. Young people are not usually armed with the knowledge of how to budget effectively unless their parents taught them.

There are numerous books, videos, and software out there for your reference on budgeting but it can be quite simple actually. Unless you are a chronic, habitual spender, then you might need to think about Spender’s Anonymous.

1. Write down all your incoming cash flow and all your bills.

2. Keep a check register. Today we all swipe our debit cards and think nothing of it. It isn’t as easy to have your register handy when you use plastic instead of a checkbook.

But if you keep track of your purchases from home once a day or a couple times a week, you will then know what you are spending your money on and you can make some changes if you need to.

3. Categorize. Have a category for food, fuel, bills, entertainment, etc. This will help you realize how much of each check is going towards what you need. If you have some leftover you can move it to another category that needs some more or you can save the extra cash.

4. Think twice when making purchases. When you think you just have to have something, take a deep breath and really ask yourself if you need this, want to spend money on it, or if there is something more important you can put your money towards.

Once you have effectively thought and answered these questions, you will be able to make a better purchase decision.

5. Don’t borrow money. Don’t apply for credit cards because of the rewards or you want to blow money you don’t have. Spend cash for everything and you’ll not end up in so much debt that you can’t see over it!

Perhaps having one credit card with a small balance would be smart for emergencies, but then don’t carry it in your wallet. Keep it at home.

6. Start saving something now. Anything will do and when you have a chunk, you can then put it into something that will earn a better return. Most people think they have to have thousands of dollars to invest or to save but that is simply not the case. 

Quick tip – round all of your purchases up to the next dollar and save the change – talk about starting small!  You will be amazed at how fast you can build your savings with this small step.

7. Find ways to cut back. If you only use half your cell phone minutes most months, reduce your plan. If you don’t watch TV, get rid of your cable. Dial up internet service is good if you rarely get on your computer and is cheaper than faster connections. Go to local farmers markets and buy your produce.

8. Shop at thrift stores and yard sales to find things that would be nice to have but you can live without it being brand spanking new.

9. Have an emergency fund.  How long could you survive if you lost your job today? If the answer is less than 8 months, you could be faced with a very stressful situation if it happens. Cut out all nonessential expenses – vacations, new clothes, dinners out and nights at the movies – until you have saved enough to last 8 months without a paycheck. Why 8 months? That is how long, on average, it takes to find a new job.

10. Do without the expensive toys.  Do they really need an iPhone, an iPod, a Playstation, a Wii, an Xbox, and a Gameboy? Kids can entertain themselves pretty good and it is cheaper! 

Source:   Michael New Jr. – An authority in the financial industry. He has written hundreds of articles relating to consumer services and Payday Loans. or

What are You Saving for Contest Winners Announced
by On May 3, 2010

David ShoupWell, the time has come to pick the winners of our What are You Saving For Contest.

Thank you to all our submissions as I truly enjoyed reading about how each of you are taking action to move you closer to your savings goals.

From saving for weddings, vacations, world travel, retirement to skydivng, “Honeymoon Funds” & “Man/Woman Caves” all answers were appreciated. So many great answers. I feel I have learned a ton and I thank you again for your sharing.

All that being said, I have come up with what I feel are an excellent top 3 of winners:

First Place and Winner of a Bank Full of Money is Walid Saleh

My dream is to build a technology focused school to help prepare students in 3rd world countries for today and tomorrow’s jobs. The school will teach them advanced technical knowledge that will help them succeed in their fields and eventually modernize the country through their efforts. In today’s job market having a basic education is not enough and this school will give people the edge and the confidence they need. I’ve been saving for this by putting $100/month aside, but I will need much more money than that. I started a company ( and I will take a percentage of the profits to fund this project. Wish me luck and I would love to hear your feedback. Thank you.

Thank you Walid for sharing your vision. I applaud your passion for service and feel one of our duties as humans to help those in need. Your project sounds like it is going to impact many students in 3rd world countries and since I have an affinity for helping children I am happy to pick you as the winner of our April contest.

Second Place and Winner of a Bank to save for her dreams is Michelle Ressell

Climbing to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa has been my dream for years. I want to see and touch “the snows of Kilimanjaro” before they disappear. The flight to Africa is expensive, and when you toss in the climbing guide fees of a safe outfitter you’re looking at a lot of coin! Speaking of “coin,” I save each and every coin I receive as change from a purchase, never spending a single one. I place them in a jar labeled “Honeymoon Fund,” and deposit the change in an interest bearing savings account every few months. Birthday gift checks, Christmas bonus checks from work, and any dollar bills I can spare make their way into the jar as well. Over our 15 years of marriage, the honeymoon fund has taken us to Australia, Costa Rica and soon to Kilimanjaro! Who said you can’t have more than one honeymoon?

I love the idea of a “Honeymoon Fund” and how you have used it to experience some amazing adventures. The main point I think we can all take from this is that LITTLE BY LITTLE you can make huge progress. Not spending your change is a great way to make small incremental steps towards your goal of climbing Mount Kiliminjaro. Once you add bonus checks & birthday gift checks you are well on your way to trekking that mountain.

Third Place and winner of an Expect Success Book is Kim Miles

My husband and I are saving for a home renovation, including landscaping, all bathrooms, the kitchen and new flooring throughout. While are home is in good shape, we want to create the home of our dreams. The method we are using comes from Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Make Over are founded on common sense spending and saving! Our first step is getting completely out of debt…including paying off our house. We have been focused thus far and made amazing progress. We reduced our payoff plan from 2 years to 18 months because of our “gazelle intensity” with getting out of debt. The saving step is more about common sense spending which is don’t buy unless you have the CASH to buy it. So what that means for us is that we have set our home renovation goal, and are developing a savings plan and a schedule for purchasing materials and hiring subcontractors. We are operating as GPS systems in that we know where we are going, we are on the road to get there and as things shift us off course, we make the necessary corrections to get us to our destination. Discipline is key and I am finding discipline to be rewarding at all levels!!

This is a great example of what is the first step in any savings goal or dream. Actually, it applies for all areas of our life and it is to HAVE A PLAN. Clearly, Kim has (with her husband) come up with a specific plan to achieve their renovation goals and I have little doubt it will happen. I love the GPS analogy.

Thank you all again for your wonderful thoughts. I have definitely learned some new ideas and am excited to apply some to my life.

Be Free!

David Shoup

Contest – What Are You Saving For? Win a Bank Full of Money
by On April 1, 2010

David ShoupIn a cultural full of consumption and instant gratification, the financial responsible and discipline to save for a purchase can be challenging…but, we all know it is the smart thing to do.

Regardless of your level of income, saving for a dream you have – such as a flat screen, a trip around the world or new BMW – can be easy if you get creative, even in these down economic times.

For instance, you could have your bank automatically take 5% of your paycheck and deposit it into a savings account for your dreams.

Another way to save is to not spend any coin money. Instead round all of your purchases up to the next dollar and deposit your coins into a savings account once a month.

Maybe you have given up your daily latte or quit smoking and instead put that money towards a goal.

The question for this month’s contest is:

What are you saving for and how are you doing it?

To enter, Post a Comment Below with Your Answer

No need to give a dollar amount – just let us know what dream or goal you are saving for and how you are going about saving the money, even in theses slow economic times.

Winners will be based on the creativity of their saving methods and chosen by myself and members of the Freedom Team.


  • First Place – A piggy bank full of money to put towards saving for your goal.
  • Second Place – A piggy bank you can fill with money.
  • Third Place – An Expect Success Book to keep you motivated towards achieving your goals and dreams.

Deadline to Enter

The last day to enter this contest is Friday, April 30, 2010. Winners will be announced on our blog and emailed on Tuesday, May 4, 2010.

Be Free!

David Shoup

Video – Donald Trump on Robert Kiyosaki on the Keys To Success
by On March 26, 2010

Two of the world’s toughest financial survivors share their stories and insights on adversity, respect, debt, keys to success, and more.

Although they’ve followed distinctly different paths to wealth, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump share a common passion for raising financial literacy around the world.

Trump is the consummate deal-maker. Kiyosaki is the consummate educator. Each of these two financial titans has learned in his own way how to turn the lessons of success and failure into a better understanding of money and how it really works.

As friends and collaborators in life and business they’ve taken on a shared mission to teach others how to survive and thrive in tough times.

Must Watch Video! Tony Robbins Interviews 2 Self Made Millionaires
by On October 2, 2009

Tony-Robbins-InterviewThis is a longer interview (38:25), but is SO worth it!  Of all of the videos I’ve posted on our blog, this is by far one of my favorites.  In fact, I’ve actually watched it twice….it was that good!

Click here to view this great interview.

Here is a brief summary of what you will learn:

What’s the difference in people who earn financial freedom while others struggle?

In this video, Tony Robbins interviews two self-made Internet Marketing multi-millionaires, Frank Kern and John Reese.  What’s particularly interesting about both of them is that neither had any “real” education. Neither one finished college and they both went from being broke to becoming wealthy.

You’ll discover the characteristics that moved them to take massive action and thrive in today’s economy including:

– The “4-Square” System For Creating Massive Action TODAY.
– The number one thing that’s holding you back…and how you can banish it from your life forever.
– The subtle mental shift that millionaires use to get a financial jumpstart.
– A short exercise that destroys your nagging skepticism and builds your momentum to succeed.

The purpose of this interview is to uncover the traits that successful people have in common. Specifically, the traits that cause them to take massive action and follow through. As you’ll see, the solution is really quite simple and available to us all.

Be Free!

Katie Brandt
Director of Marketing

Video Affirmations to Attract Money into Your Life
by On May 29, 2009

The Law of Attraction is forming your entire life’s experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe.

Abundance in all areas including health, happiness, and wealth, is your rightful heritage. Bring yourself into harmony with abundance with this powerful video visualization tool, The Secret To Riches.

Every time you watch The Secret to Riches, read every word and focus your energy and feelings to magnetize abundance into your life. The more you can feel, the more power you will add to bring abundance to you.

Be Financially Free!

How do You Become Recession Proof?
by On May 14, 2009

I first learned of Tom Peters in 1995 when I listened to his program In Search of Excellence. His ideas and advice has been invaluable to me for more than a decade now.

Over the years I can think of no other business authority that has a clearer understanding of what works and what doesn’t. In my opinion, if you are looking for a model of management excellence look to Tom Peters.

Mr. Peters was recently asked how people can deal with the current challenges that this economy is posing. Below are 44 rock solid ideas he shared on his blog.

I would love to know which of these suggestions make the most sense to you personally.

Be Free!

Eric Plantenberg
I am constantly asked for “strategies/ ‘secrets’ for surviving the recession.” I try to appear wise and informed-and parade original, sophisticated thoughts. But if you want to know what’s really going through my head, see the list that follows.

1. You come in earlier.
2. You leave later.
3. You work harder.
4. You may well work for less; and, if so, you adapt to the untoward circumstances with a smile-even if it kills you inside.
5. You volunteer to do more.
6. You dig deep and always bring a good attitude to work.
7. You fake it if your good attitude flags.
8. You literally practice your “game face” in the mirror in the morning, and in the mid-morning.
9. You give new meaning to the idea and intensive practice of “visible management.”
10. You take better than usual care of yourself and encourage others to do the same-physical well-being determines mental well-being and response to stress.
11. You shrug off shit that flows downhill in your direction-buy a shovel or a “pre-worn” raincoat on eBay.
12. You try to forget about “the good old days”- nostalgia is self-destructive.
13. You buck yourself up with the thought that “this too shall pass”-but then remind yourself that it might not pass any time soon, and so you re-dedicate yourself to making the absolute best of what you have now.
14. You work the phones and then work the phones some more-and stay in touch with positively everyone.
15. You frequently invent breaks from routine, including “weird” ones-“changeups” prevent wallowing and bring a fresh perspective.
16. You eschew all forms of personal excess.
17. You simplify.
18. You sweat the details as never before.
19. You sweat the details as never before.
20. You sweat the details as never before.
21. You raise to the sky and maintain at all costs the Standards of Excellence by which you unfailingly evaluate your own performance.
22. You are maniacal when it comes to responding to even the slightest screwup.
23. You find ways to be around young people and to keep young people around-they are less likely to be members of the “sky is falling” school.
24. You learn new tricks of your trade.
25. You remind yourself that this is not just something to be “gotten through” – it is the Final Exam of character.
26. You network like a demon.
27. You network inside the company – get to know more of the folks who “do the real work.”
28. You network outside the company – get to know more of the folks who “do the real work” in vendor-customer outfits.
29. You thank others by the truckload if good things happen-and take the heat yourself if bad things happen.
30. You behave kindly, but you don’t sugarcoat or hide the truth-humans are startlingly resilient and rumors are the real killers.
31. You treat small successes as if they were Superbowl victories-and celebrate and commend accordingly.
32. You shrug off the losses (ignoring what’s going on in your tummy), and get back on the horse and immediately try again.
33. You avoid negative people to the extent you can – pollution kills.
34. You eventually read the gloom-sprayers the riot act.
35. You give new meaning to the word “thoughtful.”
36. You don’t put limits on the flowers budget – “bright and colorful” works marvels.
37. You redouble, re-triple your efforts to “walk in your customer’s shoes.” (Especially if the shoes smell.)
38. You mind your manners – and accept others’ lack of manners in the face of their strains.
39. You are kind to all mankind.
40. You keep your shoes shined.
41. You leave the blame game at the office door.
42. You call out the congenital politicians in no uncertain terms.
43. You become a paragon of personal accountability.
44. And then you pray.

For more wisdom from Tom Peters I recommend reading one of his books:

How to Think Richly in a Recession
by On March 23, 2009

The world’s in a crisis, or at least the developed world is. People are afraid of losing the way they’ve always lived their lives; afraid of having no money to pay for what they’ve become accustomed to; afraid of change and what it might bring.

But what actually happens in a crisis, underneath all the drama?
Possibility, that’s what. In the midst of everything known going haywire, there are still pockets of possibility into which you can dip. And in these pockets, you find opportunities. Because your back is up against the wall, you’re able to see these opportunities, which is where rich thinking comes in.

Why is this a particularly great time to think rich?
Because it’s only in a crisis that people start doing things differently. It’s only when their backs are up against a wall that the creative powers within are unleashed to find a way of meeting the challenges. It doesn’t happen as easily without the crisis, simply because people are not in enough discomfort to make changes.

For instance, when you’re bumbling along OK in your life, and you have more or less enough of everything you want, there’s little motivation to make changes. Why would you? Unless you’re driven by a desire to achieve something that is unrelated to outside events occurring, you won’t bother to make changes, because you’re comfortable enough, thank you very much.

But when events outside prod you into degrees of discomfort, then there is a huge opportunity for change to bring more wealth, in all aspects, than you ever imagined. Why? Because the source of true wealth is in between your ears – your mind.

In any given situation, whether it be caused by external events or internal, and whether you like it or not, you have an opportunity to choose. You can choose to go down the path you’ve always gone on, and have more of what you’ve always had; or you can choose to think differently and explore another path, which isn’t safe and familiar, but will give you a sense of being in control of your life, in spite of external events causing havoc all over the place.

It’s like the old story of the two guys who were fired.  One of whom sees it as a complete disaster, behaves as such, and finds it impossible to get another job; and the other who, after the initial shock, sees it as an opportunity to do something completely different, takes action accordingly and finds himself with a way of earning an income he would never before have imagined in a million years.

When people lose their livelihoods, have no money, and wonder what on earth is going to happen, there’s room for growth. They have nothing to protect anymore, are left only with a desire to provide for themselves and their children in whatever creative way they can find. And creative ways are much more easily accessible when you’re willing to start thinking differently. That’s when people start not only seeing pockets of possibility, but dipping in and acting on the opportunities they find there.

So what exactly is thinking rich then?
It means choosing, in the face of challenges, to look at all options, to find the blessing under it’s disguise, to have an open-minded outlook. It means seeing the positive side of a situation. Particularly, it means understanding that how you think and feel does not depend on outside circumstances, instead, it comes from within. In the immortal words of Groucho Marx:

“Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.”

This does not mean that you don’t feel scared, worried, anxious. It means that despite these feelings, you understand that there is another way. Instead of becoming submerged by these feelings, and frozen like a rabbit in headlights, you choose to veer away from these feelings and look instead in another direction. (Which is what the rabbit needs to do too!) With this kind of attitude, i.e. rich thinking, the possibility of enjoyment of life is still there, regardless of what is happening in the larger world, or even within your own small world.

So becoming familiar with how your mind works, what thoughts you think, and how they affect your feelings and experiences; this is the first step on the rich thinking road. Choose to think richly – and watch your life unfold in miraculous ways.


Jane Rogers of RichThinkers is a specialist business coach to therapists, coaches, and other solo professionals. She has a two-pronged approach to coaching, focusing on the inner as well as the outer tools for success. Visit her website at for her free report 7 Steps to Thinking Rich and 7 Biggest Business Mistakes Therapists and Coaches Make and How To Avoid Them.



Financial Abundance
by On February 24, 2009

I wanted to write briefly about abundance and scarcity.  Specifically how it applies to our financial lives, aka our money mode.

Are you living your life in a scarcity money mode?  For instance, are you trying to stick to a tight budget and feel like you have limited resources and opportunities?  Do you find yourself saying, “We cannot spend,” “We cannot do,” We cannot have the things we want because we cannot afford them”?

If this sounds like your situation, I have a simple tip to create more financial abundance in your life.  If you want to have more money in your life then spend more money.

The mindset that money is scarce will result in money being scarce in your life.  If you live with the mindset that there is more than enough money to go around, that is what you will experience in your life.

Do not be afraid of it. Use it as a tool, as a resource, as something that just helps to give us more options of the things that we want, the quality of life that we lead.

Do not be afraid to pay more for quality. Give a little extra for good service. When you are working with people who make their living of off tips and they do a good job, give extra and do not be afraid to spend money.

That money will flow back to you in various different ways just because of your own belief that value is worth more and you are worth more with the value that you put forth and the work that you do, the services that you provide.

Start thinking bigger, you will become bigger and you will live a more abundant life.

And remember, this applies all across the board and in everything that we do, not just with money.

Be Free!

Ken Budka