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Happy Monday Friend!
by On November 5, 2012

One of the fastest ways to kill your momentum is to avoid a problem that you have with someone close to you.

Road blocks and pitfalls are a natural part of relationships.  They happen at work.   In marriages.  With friends.  Any meaningful relationship is bound to have conflict from time to time.

When and how you address your challenges can be the difference between a deeper, more authentic connection that propels your forward and being totally stuck.

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This topic to such a big deal to me that i’m putting together a 6 month contest with the winner receiving a free ticket to the Abundant Living Retreat.

How the contest works is simple. Post your story about where a difficult conversation in your life turned out to be a beneficial experience for you and the other person (or people) involved. This can be something recent or from your past. Posting your story allows you to reconnect to the positive outcome & can help you to make that a positive pattern in your life. It also can provide inspiration to others who may be hesitant to make the conversation happen. And winning a $5,000 retreat would be cool too!

Only posts on the blogsite (no Facebook or emails) from November 2012 to April 2013 will be entered. The Freedom Personal Development staff will pick the top 6 finalists and you will vote for the top winner in May 2013.

If you’ve found this topic beneficial, please take the time to share it with others … and post your thoughts and questions as well as your stores.  I’m looking forward to reading them all.

be free!




Happy Monday Contest (on Friday) – Failing Forward
by On October 5, 2012

by Eric

Successful people are action oriented.  As cliche as this is, it is TRUE that successful people FAIL much more than unsuccessful people. When you shift your relationship with failure so that it becomes a GOOD thing so that it triggers the understanding that you have just successfully figured out what doesn’t work and be OK with that, you are much more likely to continue taking actions in a way that that creates the wonderful outcomes that you desire.

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For example,  recently i failed to keep my streak of only saying positve or neutral things going.  Twenty four days towards my 30 day goal and i was back to day one I wasn’t thrilled about it when it happened.  Not at all. Then minutes later, all of the crazy critical thoughts running through my mind got their navigational bearing and did a 180 degree turn.

I began seeing the benefit in the failure and all of a sudden it was a good thing.  Contrast that with me never attempting this challenging task in the first place!

This weeks assignment is fun and hopefully rewarding and now that you have my permission it might not even take much courage. Simply go out and FAIL – go out and try a bunch of stuff that you are not sure you’ll be able to get done, and get excited about all of the times that you strike out, fall on your face and DON’T get it done.

The first monday of each month i’m going to have a Happy Monday CONTEST. This weeks contest is simple.  Post a story or a video describing where you failed big time recently and why it was a good thing.  Posts must be made on this page, facebook or personal email will not be entered in the contest.

I will be picking the top four finalists out of all the comments that were posted by October 15th and then you will vote for who is the biggest winner for going out and failing. Who ever wins receives a personal coaching session with me and all finalists will receive two tickets to one of my live one day events.

Most importantly, EVERYONE who can reframe what failure really  is wins big time  – step out of your comfort zone, have fun coming up short and post your experience!

be free!