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Can You Afford Patience
by On March 16, 2009

You have heard the cliché, “Rome was not built in a day” many times and you have been told countless times that, “Patience is a virtue.”  My question to you is, Can we afford patience in today’s world?  Don’t we have to keep up? Technology is changing exponentially, it doubles every 18 month.  Do we have time to be patient?

In my humble opinion, we cannot afford not  to learn more patience. Think about all the things in this world that show greatness, things that are awe inspiring and think about the patience required to create them.

Look at the nature. It takes a sequoia tree hundreds of years to reach its height. The Grand Canyon has taken hundred of thousands of years to achieve it grandness.  Beaches did not start with sand. Wave must pound the rocks on the shore from millennia to create the sand that lines our coast, and mountains do not spring up overnight. The point of these examples is that greatness takes time. Greatness cannot be force.

The good news is that it will not take you millennia to become great. It will not even take you a hundred years to become great, but  you must remember it will not happen over night. As you are to become a great entrepreneur, sales manager, a sale person, teacher, wife, husband, parent, artist, whatever. It will require patience. It will also require hard work.

Brian Tracy taught me a lesson a while ago that many of you heard me say at our memory training workshop. “Anything that is worth doing is worth doing poorly at first.”

If you are going to learn any new skill, it will require patience especially in the beginning. For example, learning to play the piano. If learning this skill was important to you, would it be okay if you made mistakes and were off key in the would it be ok?  Of course it would. It would be expected, you would hit the wrong keys or you would misread the notes at times. You could not expect to play Beethoven when you sat down the first time. Patience would be required to get to that point to be able to play Beethoven.

Sales can be like playing the piano. There are million of little things that add up to a wonderful work of art in the end, and you must be patient with your learning curve and the work to create that beautiful music of a sale.

Having patience with yourself as you learn new skills, as you try new things, is the only way to be a success in the end.  Remember, you can afford patience to attain greatness.

Be Free!

Tom Weber
VP of Sales

  1. Barbara J

    Thank you for reminding me of the importance and the virtue of patience.
    Acquiring more patience is always the challenge for me,and it has always been so.
    Currently,I am in the middle of developing an online presence at my site,and there is so much to do,to learn,as you know.
    Your message today was my lifeline,and I thank you for it.

  2. Carlyn

    Thanks, Tom, for your words about patience. I’ve often said I consider myself technically challenged. Or, am I time challenged due to a lack of patience. Now I realize that patience is a virtue we need to develop so that we can learn. Your article was both enlightening and stress reducing!

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