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5 Steps for Creating a Reading List for Success
by On July 20, 2009

By creating a reading list, your reading will automatically become more directed, focused and intentional. By simply creating a list, you stop reading randomly, and start reading with intent. This alone will increase your enjoyment and comprehension.

1.  Ask yourself this question: what do you want to know more about? It could be sharpening skills for your professional career, a trend in your industry or a personal development topic. List all the subjects you are interested in.

2. Review your list and pick the top three subjects.

3. Now just for fun, add two more categories – fiction and biography. Why? Because all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. This makes 5 categories.

4. Select the actual titles to fill your categories. Here are some suggestions to get great books that are worth your time:

I suggest that you begin with just a few titles in each category. Three titles per category will give you 15 books. Plan to finish all 15 in a 12 month span. That’s a good start. If want to make a bigger list, go ahead. If you want a smaller list, that’s great too. It’s your list. But you need to have some kind of reading plan.

And certainly go with books that interest you and that get you excited. But don’t let yourself get too narrow. Select from a range of genres. Expand your soul by reading great fiction. If fiction just bores you, then read biographies of people you admire. Hey, if you are feeling very brave, you might even try out some poetry.

If you start a book and just can’t get into it…don’t sweat it. You won’t love every book you read any more than you become friends with ever person you meet. Just pick up the next book on your list and keep on reading.

So…your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to create your reading list. At least 15 books that you want to read in the next 12 months. Get your list together and post it below. I am sure we will get some great suggestions from people.

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