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4 Steps on How to Manage Your Schedule Like a Business Owner – And Start Getting RESULTS
by On July 25, 2008

Today I am going to write about a tangible way you can increase your enjoyment, pay, and recognition at the office, while impacting more people through your work,. It starts with a mindset of treating your professional life as a BUSINESS instead of a JOB. This mindset plays a huge role in the activities you devote your time to throughout the day.

We will start with how you manage your schedule. Regardless of your title, you can create a schedule from a business owner’s perspective. The key difference is a business owner creates a schedule based on the RESULTS he or she wants to accomplish. An employee creates a schedule based on the HOURS that he is supposed to work. Here’s what you do:

Step 1 – Make a list of things you want to accomplish in the upcoming week. Most people I coach find Sunday evening the best time to do this. Your list includes scheduled appointments and projects you should tackle. For example, you have a meeting with a client, AND you should create a new marketing plan. That plan has been getting away from you for months because you can’t find the time.

Step 2 – Determine how long each activity will take. For some activities, this will be simple–your client meeting that always takes an hour will take an hour. Other activities are not so obvious-your marketing plan is tougher-are you going to COMPLETE it this week? Maybe not-after all, you’ve put it off for months. But you should spend two hours getting a start on the project. You may find it more challenging to determine the right amount of time when you are starting out. That’s fine, make your best estimate, and monitor your time when engaged in the activity. Did you give yourself enough time? Too much time? When the same activity appears on your schedule again, make the necessary adjustments.

Step 3 – Create a schedule for the week by determining when the best time will be to accomplish the items you have to do. Obviously, your Wednesday, 4:00 client meeting is best done Wednesday at 4:00. But your marketing plan can happen anytime (which is, by the way, why it hasn’t happened yet). Pick a time for everything, and put it on your schedule just like the 4:00 meeting.

Step 4 – Stick to your schedule! We often stick to our schedule with others but not with ourselves. You’re cutting yourself short! Treat your meetings with yourself as important as the meeting with clients, and you’ll be setting out on a path to finding great success with your time.

Be Free!

Leah Simpson

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