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Saraanne Rothberg – Comedy Cures
by On August 30, 2012

I have never met Saranne Rothberg, Founder of Comedy Cures, but I have been a fan of hers ever since my days living in New York City. Comedy Cures, a non profit foundation whose mission is to bring joy, hope, laughter and therapeutic comedy programs to kids and grown-ups living with illness, trauma, depression and disabilities have impacted thousands and thousands of lives. Continue reading ›

Are You Loving It?
by On August 28, 2012

Are you loving it?

Laughter, Tears, Joy, Anxiety

Are you Loving it?

A Dream captured, a promise broken, hard work and frequent play

Are you Loving it?

This is it people…we have this one life…

And I am LOVING IT! ~ That’s all I have for you today 😉

There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle – Albert Einstein

Language Lift ^~~^
by On August 23, 2012

by MARKTARP on APRIL 5, 2012

Have you fully realized this aspect of our human freedom?  You & I have 100% choice in every word we speak and write (and think) … step back and breathe in the power of this reality.  Since this is true, no matter what we’ve been taught in schools or absorbed in conditioning through society (family, friends, colleagues) as “standard” or “proper”, We Each Have Ultimate Selection over The Language We Use Daily …

… knowing this, then Why Not Gift Ourselves A “Language Lift” >> through changing from how we’ve “always” or “typically” expressed ourselves, to using language which uplifts us and allows us and others better feeling(s)?

Here’s an example I’ve recently employed in my own life AROUND THE WAY I SEE AND RELATE TO CONTRAST >>

… I’ve turned away from using the word “but”, and instead I substitute either the word (a) “still” or (b) “yet” … WHY? … because, for me, “but” feels like an energy of resistance (which could feel subtle or strong energetically, depending on my attitude at the time), and now in my life I realize there’s nothing in this abundant world of choices that I need resist, since I can always simply turn toward and then choose what I want.

(a)        When I employ “still”, I receive 2 powerful energetic reminders … (1) it reminds me to notice “STILLness” in space where I can breath and make a choice that serves me well, (2) it feels for me that what I’m turning away from can be allowed “to be” without its existence affecting me, and this honors the beneficial existence of our ever expanding choices … knowing that what I’ve turned from may actually feel wonderful for someone else (which is the essence and beauty of “diversity”).

(b)        When I employ “yet”, this gives me the feeling of “carefree knowing” or “it’s no big deal” in relation to whatever I’ve been facing which wasn’t particularly what I like or want (since I’m free to choose what feels better).  Also, the “Y” shape which begins the word, reminds me of simply another “fork in the road” at this moment, where I’m in complete freedom to choose … perhaps, in this relaxed mindset, another path which I hadn’t “Yet” imagined may then appear … and it often does in my STILLness haaa!!

It’s a big wonderful game, our language(s) life, and you can play it however you like, communicating effectively while creating better feeling(s) >> in turn, those we share life with receive better feeling(s) too.  Trust yourself guided by your highest inner feeling, choosing your words creatively.  Big Love, Mark **

Sharpening The Sword
by On August 22, 2012

I just returned from a weekend in Bend, OR where I joined 21 other individuals for a Leadership Retreat led by Eric Plantenberg.  It was amazing for a multitude of reasons, but the biggest takeaway I got is the realization that sometimes the best thing you can do is just take some time to sharpen your blade.  I was definitely a huge advocate of continuous improvement and personal development on Thursday when I arrived.  By the time I left on Monday I was an evangelist.

We were there to dig a little deeper into the curriculum of the Abundant Living Retreat.  As a staff member for this event, one of my roles is helping facilitate some of the exercises that attendees take part in.  I would consider myself fairly competent at helping people with this, and I think this mindset gave me a false sense of confidence and was limiting my ability to be a great facilitator.   Continue reading ›

Lose Some Weight
by On August 22, 2012

If you are looking for a caloric weight loss plan, you’re on the wrong site. There are a billion places for advice on losing physical weight. Good Luck.


I am talking about emotional and energetic weight. I believe all of us have used these expressions once or twice;

“I felt a ton of weight lifted off me!”

“I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.”

I recall saying these things when I had a ton of work to do. When I felt I had a ton of responsibility or tasks to do. Maybe when we feel like there might not be enough hours in the day. Why do we have these expressions?? I have been thinking about this…

Well the good news is, I believe this weight is much easier to lose than physical weight (in my experience at least). I have had a couple of experiences lately that have made a profound impact on my ability to be free from this emotional/mental baggage. Taking responsibility.

I’ve never really been scared of confrontation – it’s not fun – but I don’t run from it. In the past couple of weeks I had a couple of significant confrontations, both of which were painful. Mud was thrown from both sides, blame was pointed, and emotions were high. Ok…I guess you could call them fights.

A couple of days after these heated discussions, I did something I have never done before. I wrote an email to both parties taking full responsibility. No fingers pointed, no explaining my position, or telling the other how they made me feel. No other intention than taking full responsibility for my role and cleaning up my side of the street. What they did is none of my business. My business is being as mature and graceful as I can (as a fiery redhead anyway). My business, is all I have control over.

After I wrote those emails, I finally understood those statements. I had more energy, I had an internal presence of joy, I had more confidence, I was motivated – the difference was AMAZING. My ability to do “the right thing” has been effortless lately. The state of forgiveness and humility is like a muscle – it gets stronger when you use it.

Telling someone you are sorry for snapping at them – might be something you would normally just sweep under the rug. What would the world be like if we just cleaned it up? Admitting you were wrong. Taking responsibility for not working hard enough. Taking responsibility for breaking a promise. Saying sorry for saying something mean.

Admittance, vulnerability, openness and humility are beautiful qualities in my eyes. Cleaning up your side gives these qualities color. Not only that, but there is a ripple effect. WIN.

TRY IT. Today, tomorrow, definitely this week….try it on.

You cannot release weight until you have the courage to admit that we all have a role, and we create our lives. There might be prices to pay in your eyes for making these concessions – it might feel scary, maybe some guilt involved, hard on the old pride….perhaps. Freedom from that energetic weight and knowing you took the high road…..PRICELESS.

Want Some Guaranteed Laughs?… Watch This Video…
by On August 16, 2012

I just love this video!! Everytime I watch it, without fail, I laugh and I laugh hard!! One of the lessons I get from this video (and there are several) is that everyday we have a CHOICE to bring joy, laughter and love. What is your choice today? Share some laughs and pass this video on…

Happy Laughs!!

50 Shades of Relapse
by On August 15, 2012

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I was traveling this past weekend (airports and airplanes have always been a big trigger for me), as I was sitting in the airport I had a RAGING urge to drink (when I say drink, I don’t mean sip on a mimosa). It felt like an entity stronger than me. It was the most intense experience I have had during sobriety. And it scared the hell out of me. I was going straight down the rabbit hole. Believing all those thoughts that alcoholics/addicts believe:

  1. I am sure I can have just one or two and stop
  2. Maybe that’s exactly what I need – a good binger to remind me why I don’t drink anymore!
  3. I will just drink in the air, it’s almost like a different realm, so it doesn’t really count (now if that isn’t some delusional reasoning)
  4. I have too much Will these days to let my life get out of control again
  5. Just this one time – no one will ever know
  6. I am about to go on a 5 month spiritual hiatus! I can just drink till then! Surely I will quit in India

Being fortunate enough to be upgraded to first class, I knew this was going to be a tempting 2 hour flight with free drinks. I started scanning the boarding area for any hint of a military service employee to give my seat to. No luck. At this point, I had decided. I can’t do it, I don’t even care-.. I am just going to drink.

After being seated, before departure, I started frantically calling everyone I knew for support. After not being able to reach my non-alcoholic support system, I reached out for my friend who has a severe drinking problem……just knowing that she admires me for something she has not yet beat, and asked her to pray for me. I was crying at this point. The man sitting next to me; surely thought I was NUTS and I was doubting my own sanity at this time. I knew I was closer to binging than ever- so I handed a written note to the flight attendant with tears in my eyes, “please don’t serve me a drink, even if I ask.” I felt so weak and embarrassed at that point.

So why am I writing this very private information to thousands of people?

Because it’s REAL and I am HUMAN.

What would the world be like if everyone reached out for help when they were having destructive habits, behaviors, or temptations? Imagine…

“I have been dangerously close to sleeping with another woman/man outside of my marriage, I need to figure this out.”

“I have been having true feelings of taking my own life, please help me.”

“I have been breaking down and hitting my children, what can I do about my anger?”

Eckhart Tolle (an author that has truly had a major impact on me), speaks of the pain body. I am a huge believer in the pain body. In my opinion, it is real, and it was taking hold of me at 32,000 feet. I felt out of control, weak, doomed, as if I had failed…..and then I remembered…I have tools for this! So I pulled out all the stops.

I prayed, I journaled, I sat with the emotional pain and observed (I did not resist it), I listened to music, listened to my heart, I felt the support of my seat around me…..and prayed some more. When I landed, I went straight to a yoga class and hung out with my soul soothing best friend.

I am sharing this raw experience with you simply because if God can use me to help ANYONE in this world to experience less pain, than I have, that will be enough for me. Here are some suggestions when you feel yourself spinning out of control…

-Stop and notice your thoughts….but don’t necessarily believe them. “I am doomed to fail,” does not have to be a true statement

-Be real with what you can and cannot deal with. If you love to gamble, stay away from Sin City. If you have a problem with infidelity- don’t go to the bars alone.

-It is OK to be weak sometimes (this one is tough for me) I feel many look to me to be strong, but we are all human and being vulnerable, especially with a voice – results in a disempowered pain body. When weak, just make sure you have tools to help during those times. WHEN WEAK, ASK FOR HELP.

– Remember that there will be consequences for your decisions. It is tough to think about when temptation takes hold…..but remember there always is.

– GET TOOLS to cope (I or anyone at Freedom Personal Development can help with this)

I would not know the light if I didn’t know the darkness. I sure wouldn’t have the strength and beauty in my life today if I didn’t fully experience the emptiness and darkness of my life when alcohol destroyed my soul and potential.

Every pain is an opportunity for growth. So as I shed tears at 32,000 feet while writing this, I found a sincere gratitude for the next present of recognized beauty within my personal growth.

I have since identified and eliminated situations and thought patterns that contributed to my wearing thin will in the previous weeks. Thank you God for the strength, I have no doubt that I was receiving a hand from a higher power.

What do YOU learn the most from Olympians?
by On August 8, 2012

by Jana Owen on August 7, 2012

I had the pleasure and fortune of attending some of the Olympic games last week in London. I’m hooked….I will be attending many more. The energy, activities, culture, comradery, and events were thrilling! But besides that, there is so much to admire about Olympians, and learn from.

I have asked several people – What do you admire most about Olympic athletes? Most people mentioned the discipline or the belief in their own achievement. But there are SO many things we can learn from these talented athletes.



These are a few of things I wanted to take away from the Olympics.

1. The patience for delayed gratification. I can be impatient with many day to day experiences….but it is a different mindset to be patient with your long term goals. These athletes work most of their lives to compete in something that may take seconds! WOW! Thinking about that makes me feel silly about feeling frustrated when I don’t see the results that I want after dieting for one week! Whatever your long term goals are – be patient with you, and know that it will come. Have a vision, have a plan, and work diligently….it will come.

2. The power of visualization. My coaching clients will tell you I am adamant about this. The power of the mind to create your reality after creating the vision is astonishing to me. It is extremely important to visualize the outcome of ANY situation worth thinking about. Athletes will tell you over and over….this is something they do on a regular basis. Do you have a meeting with your boss coming up? Visualize how you want to feel after. Do you have a big sale you are trying to achieve? Visualize how you will feel when it is a success….and what that process looks like. VISUALIZE WHAT YOU WANT YOUR LIFE TO LOOK LIKE.

3. Feeling truly happy for others’ successes. In competitive situations it is easy to be envious, or even self-righteous about losing. We see ‘sore losers’ many times in the Olympics. We have felt envy about a co-workers success (especially when you feel you worked so hard for the same outcome). Sibling rivalries anyone?? Imagine if you could find true authentic gratitude and happiness for someone else’s achievement….imagine how different this world would look! You will get back what you give and sharing ones success is necessary for your successes to be fulfilling or even to come to fruition at all. You can dispute that, but it is what I believe. And it just feels better!

Thank goodness there is 4 years to plan my trip to Rio! But I will try to remember all the things I observed during these games. We can learn from everyone around us, but especially these marvelous athletes with dreams they are chasing after every single day.