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Grinding It Out
by On December 6, 2011

We all know what makes the best succeed in business.  Brilliant with the basics, educate yourself, listen to those who have succeeded, stick to your schedule, smile and bring energy and value to your clients and simply follow proven systems.  When we interview those who have led the charge for the month, the answers always seem to be relatively the same.  The answers that we hear mostly are in line with these same ideas.

What I am going to share with you has helped me get through tough, challenging times repeatedly in our business.  It is the idea of “Grinding it Out”.  I had heard this concept Grinding it out a couple years ago when I was watching The Masters and Tiger Woods was playing injured.  He was scheduled to have some type of surgery soon after this tournament.  So of course all eyes were on him from the beginning.  He was playing in what he later explained to be excruciating pain.  Pain that was so bad that after most shots, he buckled over and was clearly in a lot of pain.  This went on for 4 days of 18 holes a day.  Tiger won the tournament despite all of this pain that he experienced during the match.  He nearly fell to his knees and collapsed when the tournament was over.

By far the most compelling part and the main lesson for me is that when he was speaking about this experience afterwards, he said that he KNEW that his pain was coming.  He just did not know when is was coming.  So in his back swing ( the beginning of his shot) somewhere in his mind, he knew that there was possibly going to be some serious pain to follow.

When interviewed afterwards, he used the phrase “Grinding it out”.   I think what that meant to him was that even with the fierce competition AND his injury, he knew that he was still the best golfer out there and he just needed to play through the it.  He just needed to Grind it out.  Play through the pain and forget the pain he experienced on his last shot.  This is extremely difficult to do.  Mentally, this could be one of the toughest challenges that any of us will ever face.  How do you play on, how do you move forward with pain?

You Grind it out, that’s how.  Play on with pain knowing that you are bending the law of averages in your favor.  Play on with pain knowing that where dry desert ends, green grass grows.  Play on knowing that at the beginning of your day, after all of your HUGE swings, you may experience some pain.  You may experience pain on your next swing and the next one after that. Keep taking HUGE swings, keep swinging.  Grind it out.

Be Free!

Alan Mong