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Happy 2010 Poem
by On December 31, 2009

I wish you…..
Just this little extra luck,
Just that tiny bit more warmth and loving affection,
Enough comfort and security for difficult moments,
A large dose of courage in dark days,
A handful of dreams that now come true,
And a little box of happy thoughts,
Cause you are loved!

We wish you a joyous, prosperous and healthy 2010 and all the best for you and your loved ones.

Be Free!

Winners Announced in the Charity Contest
by On December 30, 2009

Roger SeipWhat a fun contest! The staff at Freedom Personal Development had a great time reading through all Buying for that confess havent or I a

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children.” St. Jude has made great leaps and bounds in finding cures for many cancers and today’s success rate is good. The donation with help ensure their lifesaving research continues and no family that cannot pay is never turned away. 3rd Place – $100 for Heifer International This $100 donation allowed 3 gifts to be purchased: Flock of Hope – This gift included chicks, ducklings and goslings that will grow up to lay precious eggs that mean hope and increasing health and prosperity for hungry families from the Philippines to Rwanda. Bees generic cialis – From Uganda to El Salvador, bees priligy cost from Heifer International help struggling families earn income through the sale of honey, beeswax and pollen. Beehives require almost no space and, once established, are inexpensive to maintain. Give Where Most Needed Cash Gift – This gift will help provide livestock, seeds, or training to a family struggling with hunger and poverty. We’ll make sure your donation goes to those who need it most. Thank you to all that nominated a charity and donated to this contest. Freedom has been delivered to people around the world. What a great way to start off 2010. Be Free! Roger Seip Co-Founders and Instructor PS – A HUGE thank you for all of the Freedom Personal Development staff that contributed and voted in this contest!

The Top 10 Goal Setting Tips
by On December 29, 2009

business-success2010 is here and it is now time to focus on what you want to accomplish in the New Year. If you haven’t set your goals yet…what are you waiting for!! This list is a great place to start. And if you have set your goals, this Top 10 List will give you a checklist to ensure you are set up for success.

1. The first step to goal setting is being specific!  Examine your life and figure out what you want to change, then narrow it down to one specific thing you can realistically change in a specific time period.

2. Once you have chosen your goal, write it down and post it where you will see it multiple times a day. A customized screen saver is a great way to keep your goal in front of you; a note on your fridge or taped to your TV remote can work too!

3. Break down your goal into milestones, and mark your calendar with a completion date for each one. If your goal requires daily tracking, make a chart and hang it next to the calendar. That way when you drink your bottle of water, do your yoga workout, or write in your journal, you can mark your progress and see how far you’ve come!

4. Get backup. Tell someone about your goal, and ask for tough love! There will be times you want to give up, and a good hard shove is just what you need. A friend or spouse can help remind you about how great it will be to reach your goal!

5. Reward yourself. Whenever you complete your next step towards your goal, give yourself a small but tangible reward. Light a candle and enjoy the smell; treat yourself to a non-sugar chocolate mint; read a chapter in the book you’ve been saving or just reach around and pat yourself on the back! You deserve it!

6. Mix achievement with affirmation. Positive affirmations can get you psyched about your goal, and reassure you that you have what it takes to last the course. Remind yourself that you are capable, you are strong and most of all you are willing to do whatever it takes to meet your goal.

7. Use every trick at your disposal to reach your goal. If that means getting up while everyone is in bed to study a new language in peace and quiet, that’s what you will do. If you decide you bit off more than you can chew don’t beat yourself up – simply kick the final goal’s deadline a month down the road and instill a midpoint goal to get you ready to face the extra challenge.

8. There’s no shame in asking for help. If you just can’t drag yourself out in the rain for that mandatory jog around the block, ask your friend or spouse to come with! Who knows, it might end up being fun getting soaked together, and you can bond over the slap of jogging shoes on wet pavement with the promise of hot coffee at home.

9. Don’t let your momentum fade after reaching your goal. You won! You did it! Now – set another goal! Goal setting should be an ongoing process, leading to bigger and better things every year you live.

10. Never, never, never give up. Fight for the person you know you can be. Set goals that make you push yourself, but don’t give up if you miscalculate and set the bar a little too high. Readjust and keep going – you can do it. Be your own strongest supporter, and you will find your goals get set higher and higher as your self confidence takes off and you learn to surpass even your own expectations!


Finishing Stronger than You Thought You Could
by On December 28, 2009

Tom WeberA couple of months ago, my wife Peggy and I went to New York to run a Half-Marathon with our friend Meredith. It was an amazing run on a cloudy September morning in Central Park. The entire night before it had rained and we prepared for a wet run, and luckily the rain stopped before the race started and held off until we were walking home afterwards but needless to say it was HUMID throughout the race.

And for anyone who hasn’t been to Central Park it is a lot hillier than you might think, I don’t remember many flat stretches on the entire run. So, if you add up these elements the race was a little tougher than we had thought it might be that day AND besides all of that Peggy had just discovered she was pregnant (the doctor said it was ok for her to run).

During the race, we made sure to keep a good pace and to take it easy so we didn’t put Peggy under too much stress. And as were getting near the end we were pretty sweaty, tired, and ready for the finish line. About 100 yards from the actual finish Peggy looked at me and said “If you want to sprint to the finish go ahead.”

I replied “Thanks but I’d like to finish with you.” Peggy said “No, no you go ahead…” I interupted and said “No, really. I ran this whole race by your side, I want to finish by your side.” As I finished saying that I got distracted by something to my left and turned my head, and as I turned my head and eyes back to the front to see the finish line I saw Peggy about 10 yards in front of me on a dead sprint! Her arms and legs were pumping so hard you would have thought she was being chased by a bear. (In Peggy’s defense she says that she said “Let’s Go!” but I didn’t hear that at all.)

It was crazy! Suddenly, I was in a RACE, not a “run”, the last 2 hours and 15 minutes no longer mattered, I was trying to chase her down so that at the very least I was going to cross the finish line at the same time as her. It was a strange mix of an animal chasing down prey, male ego being challenged, fun competition, and child-like play as I ran at full speed. When we got done, I laughed so hard at Peggy and asked her “Where did that come from???!” She said that she didn’t know, but when she saw the finish line some surge of energy came forth and pushed her farther and faster than she “thought” possible in the moment. An urge to finish strong overcame her and that inspired me to also finish stronger than if I had gone on without her.

The analogy here is simple. We are coming up on a “finish line” in our business. The year 2009 is coming to a close and the Fourth Quarter is wrapping up.

The question for you is: How are you going to finish? Have the elements been a little tougher than you thought they might be this year? Has it been a bit more “humid” than you planned? Did everything not go according to plan? Good! Because none of that matters. Right now, you have a choice. None of that past 11 months is important right NOW.

You can choose between a few options: a.) coast to the finish b.) pick up the pace and jog a bit faster or c.) pretend there is a bear chasing you and hunt down that finish line like your life depends upon it. If you pick it up the odds of you inspiring someone else to do the same are great. You can talk some smack or you can simply start sprinting and see if anyone can catch you.

Here is what I want to know: Think of a time in your life when you finished stronger than you thought could or when did you “sprint the last 50 yards.”

Tell us an example (it doesn’t have to be a long story), just a reference point to show that you’ve done it, and if you don’t have a story that’s ok, tell me that you can finish strong. Leave your comments, stories, examples, or declarations below. And when were chilling on the sizzler or catching up in January, someone will ask you, “Where did THAT come from??”

Be Free!

Tom Weber

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Happy Holiday Wishes from Freedom Personal Development
by On December 23, 2009

Wishing you and yours Peace, Joy and Love this Holiday Season.

Enjoy this classic holiday video – it has over 6 million views on

This display was the work of Carson Williams, a Mason, Ohio, electrical engineer who spent about three hours sequencing the 88 Light-O-Rama channels that controlled the 16,000 Christmas lights in his annual holiday lighting spectacular (from Christmas 2004).

His 2005 display includes over 25,000 lights that he spent nearly two months and $10,000 to hook up. So that the Williams’ neighbors aren’t disturbed by constant noise, viewers driving by the house are informed by signs to tune in to a signal broadcast over a low-power FM radio station to hear the musical accompaniment.

Top 10 Gifts that Don't Cost a Thing
by On December 22, 2009

Don’t have much to spend on presents this year? These ideas cost next to nothing, but offer priceless memories.

1.  Smile!
Take a wonderful photo of your recipient’s child or pet. Make a paper frame or enclose it in a pretty card.

2.  Lesson Plan. Volunteer the gift of a skill: Show a friend or relative how to knit, swim or use a digital camera.

3.  Snow Day. Give a neighbor a card promising to shovel her driveway on the day of the first big storm. If you live in a warmer climate, guarantee to tend the lawn one weekend.

4.  Babysitters’ Club. Offer the couple down the street a free evening of looking after the kids. Or you can promise them some pet-sitting while they’re on vacation.

5.  Portable Gardens. Give plant cuttings that can be nurtured throughout the winter and planted in the spring. If you’re in the South and your garden is in season, give flowers, fruits or vegetables.

6.  By the Book. For the constant reader, use holiday or other cards to make bookmarks. Cut the cards into strips that show complete scenes (Santa coming down the chimney, for example). Punch a hole at the top of every strip and pull a ribbon through it.

7.  Site Map. Give your recipient a list of off-the-beaten-path Web sites related to her interests (gardening, antiquing). Add a brief comment for each site. For a striking holiday background to your list, download free color pages from (Click on the Seasonal Pages link on the left side of the main page.)

8.  Words of Love. Send an audio letter to a faraway relative. If you have young relatives who don’t live near you, record yourself reading a children’s book so you seem that much closer.

9.  Write It Down. If you like to write, compose a poem or a very short story for your recipient. Include references to events in her life and jokes that just the two of you share.

10.  Clip and Save. For your favorite hard-core coupon clipper, assemble a collection of the best coupons you can find, plus a guide to coupon sites like

For more affordable gift ideas for everyone in your circle, check out’s 100+ under-$50 gift picks, including cool gifts for guy, fun gifts for deserving divas, and under-$10 gifts that don’t look cheap.

Reprinted with permission of Hearst Communications, Inc.

How Fast Do You Read?
by On December 21, 2009

Abby Marks BealeYou May Read Faster Than You Think

In the past fourteen years, I’ve worked with thousands of individuals who, previous to meeting me, had no idea what their true reading speed was. But they all had their self-made perceptions.

Most consider their reading speed to be slow with only a few believing it is fast. However, if you can get a true gauge on your reading speed and compare yours with others, you may find you are better and faster than you think!

So, let me help you figure your reading speed. The easiest way to do it is to go to my website where I have just added an on-screen reading speed evaluation called How Fast Do You Read?. It is located on the right upper corner of this page. It takes a minute or less to get a result.

If you want to figure your reading speed on paper materials, use the following formula:

  1. On any material with consistent column width, figure your average words per line:Choose any 10 lines of text and count the number of words in each line and divide by 10. If your total is 79 words, then the average words per line is 7.9 or round higher to 8.If your total is 93 words, then the average words per line is 9.3, or round lower to 9.
  2. Time yourself. Read for exactly one minute.
  3. Figure your words per minute. Count the number of lines you have read and multiply them by the figured average words per line. For example if you read 30 lines in 1 minute and the average words per line is 9, (30 X 9 = 270) your reading speed is 270 words per minute.

Improve Your Reading Speed – Freedom Personal Development’s Reading Smart Workshop

Abby Marks Beale is founder of The Corporate Educator, a professional speaking and training company specializing in helping with busy people work smarter, faster and just plain better. Go to

Video – Choose Fun
by On December 18, 2009

An interesting and fun viral campaign run by European carmakers, Volkswagen, in the busy Odenplan train station in Stockholm.

Entitled “The Fun Theory” it aimed to see if everyday commuters would give up using the escalator to exit the train station, and instead choose to use the stairs.

Turning the stairs into an oversized yet fully operational keyboard, this video shows the before, during and after effects of the campaign.

It took stairs that were viewed as being ordinary, boring and inconvenient into something fun that people of all ages would enjoy and have complete fun doing.

66% more people chose the stairs over the escalator. Just shows you what a bit of an image revamp can do!

Be Free!

Personal Development CD Sale
by On December 17, 2009

Maverick-MindsetIt is the end of the year and Freedom Personal Development needs to clear out some inventory to make room for some very exciting programs we will be offering in 2010.

We have a limited number of products available at these discounted prices, so if a link below does not work, it means we have sold out and there are no more products at this discounted rate.

Here are the Personal Development CDs on Sale:
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The Maverick Mindset

Retail: $89
Sale Price: $29 ~ Save 67%
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Order by Phone – 888-233-0407

Act fast – When we are sold out….we are sold out!

Be Free!

How to Remember Phone Extensions
by On December 16, 2009

Leah SimpsonMany of you are graduates of our memory training workshop.

I remember when I first went through the class; I thought it was great! I also found that there were still some seemingly simple things that I still did not recall, for example, people’s phone extensions, meeting times and directions.

So I came up with a few simple systems that have even farther enhanced the usage of memory training in my life, and I thought I’d share them with you!

Let’s start with my first example of people’s phone extensions. You dial the same people in your office all the time, so why do you need to refer to your extension sheet every time? Here is how you can remember short numbers like phone extensions:

I’ll use my office as an example. Three people I often call (and I used to mix up their extensions) are Katie, Nick and Dave. They are extensions 103, 104, and 105. But which is which? And how can I use my memory training for this?

All I need is FIG, right? File. Image. Glue. So…the file is the person. I do know what each of them looks like, so I use their faces as the files. Now I need an image—what could we use for an image of numbers? Go back to the tree list.

I know the extensions are in the 100s, so I just need a way to distinguish between 3, 4 and 5. My images, from the tree list, are stool, car, and glove. Now I need glue. So…Katie is 103. I picture Katie coming after me with a STOOL above her head. Nick is 104, so she is driving down the street, singing in his CAR. Dave is 105, and I picture Dave putting on Michael Jackson’s GLOVE and doing a moon walk away from me.

I never mix up their extensions.

Try it with your office, and quit relying on your phone list! Use your memory!

Be Free!

Leah Simpson