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Celebrate Freedom In Your Life!
by On July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

Be Free!
The Team at Freedom Personal Development



Leadership Contest – Answer One Question and Win Three Sessions of Personal Coaching
by On July 3, 2008

Eric PlantenbergJuly 7 kicks off a week of articles, audio training and discussions regarding leadership on the Freedom Personal Development Blog.

I know that out of our thousands of newsletter subscribers and blog readers, the majority of you are either in a leadership role at your company, in your community or working towards becoming a leader.

With so much experience and knowledge about leadership, I want to find out what you feel is the most important leadership concept.

So I am hosting a contest with the grand prize being three sessions of one-on-one leadership coaching.

To enter, at the bottom of this page, simply type your name, email address and answer to this question:

If you were coaching an individual on leadership, in your opinion, what is the one concept that they should absolutely know?


Grand Prize – Three sessions of free, one-on-one, personal coaching on the topic of your choice with me, Eric Plantenberg.

Being a coach to hundreds of leaders over the last ten years, I have helped people define their ideal life, achieve goals, break sales records, add hundreds of thousands of dollars to bottom lines, experience freedom, cultivate passion for life, held them accountable to results…..the list goes on and on.

The winner and I will have a conversation about the specific topic and goal they would like to achieve during the coaching sessions. Topics to choose from could include:

• Getting more done in less time
• Helping the people you work with to realize more of their potential
• Defining Core Values for you or your organization
• Expanding your comfort zone
• Developing more harmony in the different areas of your life
• Increasing Internal Accountability

Coaching sessions will be done over the phone. This prize is valued at $1,500.

Second Place – “Expect Success” Book
Third Place – Freedom Personal Development Water Bottle

Winners will be chosen by members of the Freedom Personal Development team and will be emailed and announced on the blog July 31.

Be Free!

Eric Plantenberg

Take Control: Create the Life You Desire
by On July 2, 2008

Dave MeyersDeeper truths often lie below the surface. We say we don’t like our jobs, but frequently, it’s the results we’ve created that we don’t like. We say we’re frustrated with our spouse, but oftentimes, we’re actually ashamed of our own inaction to improve our relationship. We say we’re burnt out, tired of life, but many times what we know to be true is that we haven’t taken the steps to get involved in something energizing, something that lights a fire in our hearts. And it’s OK to feel these things. The important thing is that you’re moving in a positive direction.

So what steps can you take to make sure you’re moving in the right direction?

First, identify the deeper truth about what’s causing your current situation. Properly identifying the root cause of the problem will allow you to find an effective solution. Second, claim responsibility for creating the results you desire. You have the power within you to change your situation, and claiming responsibility will empower you to create the results you desire.

Let’s start with the first step: How can you identify the root cause of your situation?

Be brutally honest with yourself. This is often difficult to do because our ego and pride get in the way, and we tell ourselves that we played no part in creating our current circumstances. This is called denial. I challenge you to reflect, truly humble yourself, and ask the question, “Am I responsible in any way for my current situation?” By doing this, you will almost always find that your own actions and/or inactions partially, or completely, created your current situation.

Ask others for their honest feedback. Sometimes, even when we take time to reflect on our situation, we are blind to the ways we have contributed to the negative circumstances that confront us. These occasions are great opportunities to ask others, “Is there anything that I am doing or not doing that is contributing to my problem or preventing me from improving my situation?” Encourage the person you’re asking to be completely honest with you. Let them know that you will not become angry or defensive in response to their comments, and reassure them that you’re simply trying to improve the situation. You’ll often be surprised by the answers you hear. The unbiased view of an outsider who is able to view the situation in its entirety oftentimes sheds light on things that you are not able to see.

The second step to moving in a positive direction is claiming responsibility for creating the results you desire.

Quite frequently we identify why we’re in a negative situation, but we’re unwilling to do anything about it. Our desired life becomes “wishful-thinking” instead of reality because we allow obstacles to get in the way. Oftentimes our pride gets in the way, and we’re unwilling to change unless the other person changes. This is common in relationships. Other times our lack of integrity impedes our progress. For instance, we lay out the steps that we’re committed to doing, and then we fail to follow through. Still other times, fear prevents us from taking action. We’re afraid of the effort it will require. We’re afraid of asking others for help. We’re afraid that even if we take massive action, we won’t get the results we desire. So what steps can you take to overcome these obstacles?

Remind yourself that you are responsible. The more fully you understand and believe that you are responsible for your current circumstances, the more empowered you will feel to change your situation. You will know that you have the power within you to change your circumstances and create a better tomorrow.

Write down what you’re committed to doing. Identify the key action steps that will improve the situation. Keep it simple and only focus on the 2-3 most important steps. Your written plan of action will clarify what needs to be done and let you know whether or not you’re on the right path.

Find an accountability partner. Share your plan of action with an individual who will hold you accountable to your commitments. Not only will your accountability partner keep you on track with your commitments, she will also help verify that the action steps you are taking are the right ones. Commit to complete honesty in your accountability relationship, and focus on what you WANT to do, not on what you DON’T want to be doing.

Now I encourage you to think about one aspect of your life that you’re currently not satisfied with. Maybe it’s your job performance, maybe it’s your marriage, maybe it’s your health, or maybe it’s your finances. Whatever area of your life you choose to focus on, commit to doing the exercises found in this article, and I’m confident that you will experience greater freedom in your life. I look forward to hearing your success stories!

Be Free!

David Meyers

Increase Responsibility to Increase Freedom
by On July 1, 2008

Leah SimpsonWith the 4th of July just around the corner, and people across the United States celebrating freedom, I thought I would write about how to increase freedom in your life.

It’s obvious from the name of our organization, Freedom Personal Development, that freedom is important to us. Our definition of freedom is, “The capacity to exercise choice.” We all have choices and therefore freedom in our lives.

In fact freedom of choice is an unavoidable responsibility to be treated with much respect. It’s not an absence of responsibility with which to be careless.

A lot of time people think freedom is the freedom from responsibility. I’d argue that it is a freedom that you have responsibility. Having this freedom requires discipline and thought to make sure you’re being a wise steward of your time, of your finances, and of your energy.

You can’t avoid choices, so embrace them. Think about that. So many times in our culture people talk about freedom as, “Oh I’m free to do whatever. I’m financially free.” Well if you’re financially free does that mean you’re free to go to the store and spend whatever you want? If you continuously spent your money foolishly, you won’t be financially free for long.

Financial freedom is something that takes discipline to earn. It’s one of my favorite examples of freedom. It’s just such a clear example. In order to have financial freedom it takes discipline and thought to be a wise steward of those finances and of your time and then you truly have financial freedom. That’s true in every area of your life. It takes discipline and thought on the front end to attain freedom in any capacity.

The applications are endless and I’d love to hear stories from you about freedom and different choices that you’ve made that have given you freedom in your life. Post a comment below.

We at Freedom Personal Development are full of them. Feel free to ask us, we love to share. Thanks so much. Have a great July.

Be Free!

Leah Simpson